skyrone stomper

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  1. CocoHempster

    CocoHempster: Finishing a Double Grape and Skyrone Stomper.

    Hey Mephisto gang. I've been away from the AFN community for a bit and have returned. (Under a new handle). Some of you may recognize me from previous grows. Anyway, I wasn't able to grow for about 6 months. (the agony ugh) ... And to make this a shorter intro I started growing again a little...
  2. gbd

    Skyrone Stomper grown by Magic

    I had the pleasure of meeting Magic some days ago, and gifted him a few Skyrone Stomper (Tyrone Stomper x Skywalker) beans. He let me catch up with one of the full grown ladies before she gets sacrificed to the Canna Gods, and damn does she look and smell spectacular! Super fuely and earthy...
  3. Tetra9

    Skyrone Stomper Smoke Report

    SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics Strain: Skyrone Stomper Did it autoflower?: Day 19 Soil/hydro: Hydro (5 Gallon DWC) Nutes: Skunkwerks Pro Mix A + B Light (kind and schedule): 1000 Watt HPS on a 20/4 Veg and 18/6 Flower schedule From seed to harvest date: 75 days Dry Yield: 118 Grams...
  4. Ronin

    Skyrone Stomper

    Welcome to my Skyrone Stomper grow:pass: I'd like to start off by thanking @mephisto and @gbd for this opportunity.:worship: Let's get to the specs... Tent: 3x3x6 Apollo Horticulture Container: Yellow bottom Airpot (hydro version) Medium: Roots Formula 707 amended with Mephisto Auto Super...
  5. mephisto

    Mephisto records, strain results and tips!

    Hey guys, just thought we could start a collaborative thread. a simple format, strain, grow method, size/height, yield, harvest day, any hints or tips, and general impression of your Mephisto grow. would be nice to keep track and interpret this data, it's really valuable for us and others to...