soil amendments

  1. hashead

    Dinafem Auto Gorilla ALL ORGANIC

    First off I wanna give a shoutout to @Dinafem-Mark for hooking me up with some beans to test! After running dinafems auto amnesia xxl, im hyped to see how this girl gets on! Link to that journal below So setup is...
  2. hashead

    Dinafem Amnesia XXL "all organic"

    So been a while since I did a journal up on here! Been growing photos the last while but been missing the aul autos! Decided to start running one at a time in the veg tent to help fill it out and add a bit o variety to my smoke. This first post will be a bit of a rant and a ramble, but sure...
  3. HappyTrees

    HappyTrees Organics

    Hello all welcome to my grow!! I have a tangie auto ( blimburn seeds) in ffof in a 10gal fabric sprouted 04/03, a high priority auto (710 genetics) in buildasoil v3 in a 10gal sprouted 04/14, a narkosis (blimburn seeds) sprouted 04/21 in a 7gal with ffhf, a unknown bag seed in a 1/2gal with...
  4. Senseimillan

    Zeolite(s) and Their Usefulness to Gardeners

    I've been doing some research and thought I'd just organize and post the information for everyone in the event more people than I are interested in the mineral group known as zeolite. TABLE 1
  5. SMOOTHseven

    Mepphisto White-Crack in gdb's soil

    5 White crack in 3 gallon pots. @gbd super soil made with Roots Organic This is my first soil grow.... so here goes nothing!!
  6. pop22

    Kind Soil Review - Pop22

    Top Medium used with kindsoil: simple organic soil: black soil, coco coir, composted manure, worm castings, lime, epsom salts. PH of water given to plant/s in Kindsoil: 6.7 - 6.9 Additives used in conjunction with Kindsoil: none How big of container did you use: 2.5 gallon How many...
  7. Fuggzy

    Alternative soil amendments presented by: ATTRA

    Hi guys I was just poking around looking for different amendments to use, and found this nice short read. It is 10 pages, and has lots of great info. If you are looking to substitute an amendment or just learn more, it might help you out. ATTRA: Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas...