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  1. Q

    Nutrient burn/toxicity on my Amnesia (first time grow)

    Hello Community, my plants are in their 7th week and I assume that they could have a nutrient burn. Some tips of their leaves turned brown and the color of the plants in overall is really dark green. As they might be at the beginning of their flower-state, I´m really afraid of them beeing...
  2. K

    Needs help ASAP with upwards curling and colored spots, week 4 flower

    Hello AF! I’m in week 4 of flower with two plants in a cabinet under a FoLux 288 LED on the lowest setting. Plants are, one Gorilla glue auto from FastBuds(GG) & one Toof Decay from Mephisto Genetics(TF). Each in a 9L fabric pot. GG canopy around 35cm from led and TF canopy around 55cm from...
  3. Okie4

    First grow !! Feed/water schedule

    Hey fellas ! I’ll be starting my first grow in the next few days with a couple blue dream autos from Fast buds. ( 3 Gallon fabric pots in black gold organic natural soil) I plan on using the General Hydroponics Flora Trio and some Cal Mag plus for nutrients. I have been researching and looking...
  4. Mañ'O'Green

    Grow Battle Show Case 2019 St. Tom is Light Grower 2019 Champion

    Vote for 3. Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the Championship Round. These are the potential Gladiators: Top 5 2018 Champion Growers COB 1st @F.N. 2nd @Mañ'O'Green 3rd @bushmasterar15 4th @Feenix 5th @Only1Sky 5th @Jibblerjoe LED 1st 2nd @Only1Sky 3rd @St. Tom 4th...
  5. hashead

    Dinafem Auto Gorilla ALL ORGANIC

    First off I wanna give a shoutout to @Dinafem-Mark for hooking me up with some beans to test! After running dinafems auto amnesia xxl, im hyped to see how this girl gets on! Link to that journal below So setup is...
  6. HavanaJazz

    Magical mystery grow (2x Brooklyn Sunrise A, 1x WW A, 1x Sweety A)

    Hello everybody, I am new to AFN and to growing overall. After few months of studying the subject I decided to give it a try and grow something sweet for myself by myself. 15 years ago, when I first played with the idea of growing MJ, there were autoflowers totally new kids on the block and...
  7. Kushalotti

    New to Autos

    I've done a fair few photoperiod grows in coco, but never done an Auto grow. I'm hearing some say give autos a weak EC feed and others say give them the same EC as you would with photoperiods! There reason being that new generation autos are able to match photoperiod strength feed! How true...
  8. Mañ'O'Green

    Light Grower of the Year 2019 Leg 2

    Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the second of two qualifying legs 1st May. Any seed as long as it is grown under light of Any kind. Standard Battle Rules apply Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored Growbattles..where...
  9. hashead

    Dinafem Amnesia XXL "all organic"

    So been a while since I did a journal up on here! Been growing photos the last while but been missing the aul autos! Decided to start running one at a time in the veg tent to help fill it out and add a bit o variety to my smoke. This first post will be a bit of a rant and a ramble, but sure...
  10. Esoteric

    Outdoor Grow Soil (Newbie)

    Hey guys, new to the forum and growing. Getting ready to pop some Crop King White Widow autos for outdoor growth, but not sure what soil to start. I’m in Las Vegas, temps get about 100f during the summer. Thanks for any help, will be documenting my progress.
  11. Tom'sinflatedballs

    2nd Grow: LED, Soil, Bubba Kush, Jack Herer, Bruce Banner, BubbleGum

    What's up everyone! Grew my first bud two years ago, a move back home, and some logistical issues aside, I am now back and rolling! wohooooo! My first grow taught me sooo much. Probably the most important thing I learned, was that this is the greatest hobby of all time. There is nothing like...
  12. frgrower

    CBD Lemon Potion Auto & Fast Bud 2 (all in one journal)

    Hey Folks, apologize for my last journal ( didnt finish it , had mold , didnt had time coz of real life etc... turned me mad ... ) Guys , im back for some new seeds (and second apolozige because my grow journal are bad, in bloom right now , skiped the grow part) Setup (30 days from...
  13. LordGreenWood

    Blow Mind Auto

    SeedBank : SWEET SEEDS Strain: Blow Mind Auto Did it autoflower?: Y/N yes , around day 20 ish Soil/hydro: soil biobizz light mix , 10 l air pot Nutes: easy Tang shedule , advanced nutrients Light (kind and schedule): led hans panel 150 w From seed to harvest date: __days 75 ish...
  14. S

    Is soil really too hot for autos?

    It has taken a long time for me to arrive at this conclusion. I believe that my favorite soil, Roots organic original, is the reason why my autos always dwarf and show weird deficiencies/burns. Every time I run new autos, no matter the strain, I end up with a squatted plant that has a low...
  15. Medimadness

    Nicole Cream Auto and Candy Dawg Auto - Medimadness' 1st Battle

    Hey AFN, had some spare time and with the plants not waiting I guess this thread can't either! So this thread is a bit of a three parter: First we have 3 Nicole Creams for the battle spread across 3 slightly different conditions. 2 are in a side by side comparison between my peat pots (cut...
  16. BotanikBob

    Indoor Grow 6x different DP strains under 480W LED

    Hallo AFN, I recently decided to do my first grow journal ever to keep track of some mistakes and for better comparison of finished grows. I have 10+ of photosensitive grows experience and 1 auto grow so far. Whoever likes to read or watch, just sit down and enjoy! :) Oh, and I'm german, so this...
  17. MassMom

    Does anyone use soil in their AutoPots?

    Hello!! I am currently using coco, but was really thinking about using the Mephisto Amendment and soil for my next grow. Anyone have luck with soil in the auto-pots? Do you need to mix the soil with a lot of perlite, or even coco?.....would love to know your results. XOXO MOM
  18. Autogrowzs

    Nute burn ?

    Hi here's my grapey Walter on day 53 Im sure I have overfed her... I have taken many yellow leaves off... Will I have any major issues she hasn't been fed for a week... Really don't want to mess it up thanks
  19. Autogrowzs

    AutoGrowZs MEPHISTO Attack

    Hi all back after a break due to a serious family loss for thought I would jump back here as I know I will speak to good people and start doing what I love........( not the most experienced but read enough on this site to accomplish) so here it goes bit of a messy intro but I have...
  20. 1

    Mephisto Genetics Blue Cush and Blue Toof (Special Pheno)

    Hello everyone! I introduced myself today after a while of lurking. I started a grow with 4 Fugue State by Mephisto Genetics and after 15 days although my girls were alive, they were only an inch tall with very red stems. They had been stunted horribly. I asked for advice and decided it was time...