1. E

    Sour Crack

    Hi guys and gals Ive just got me some Sour Crack seeds, a 10 litre air pot and some Dutch Pro nutes. I know I have to be careful with feeding. I have two 105w 6500 kelvin tube CFLs and will be growing in soil in a homemade box in the loft. A couple of questions (of many no doubt!) What soil...
  2. treetopper

    Organic Soil I can plant directly into

    Hey Buds, I'm going to do a treetop grow this summer and ideally I don't want to have to do much more than water my auto-flower plants weekly throughout the summer. My problem is that I want to plant seed directly into the final pot and not germinate prior to planting and it seems like with a...

    First auto grow and Mephisto is here for the ride

    Hello all. Just making a progress post for my first auto grow. Looking for a little feedback and discussion about how my girls are looking. This is day #17 for the oldest girl (center). The youngest is about 2 days behind that. The strains are Auto Triangle Kush (center, bottom right) and the...
  4. HitzFromDaKine

    Hitz Growing Some Trees

    Doing the intro thing. Found this through some guys over at r/autoflowers on Reddit. AFN seems to have far more action than over there and I am trying to be part of that Auto Life. I will have to get some pictures of my grow and bang out a journal and soon, but in the meantime let me do the...
  5. B

    What led should I get for autoflower?

    I'm starting up my medical grow again after a few year's off... I'm going to start with some autoflowers but they are competently new to me and been doing research on them for sure...just don't got a ton of money to spend right offor the bat on lights....I'm doing two 5x5 tents with 6" intake...
  6. Showsey Ganja

    Showsey Ganja's Grow Journal No.1

    Artwork by Me by Showsey Ganja posted Jan 23, 2017 at 5:59 PM Hello and welcome to my grow journal. I have done one greenhouse grow when I was a teenager it was one huge bush! and 2 auto grows recently. After much research I built a room in my loft from scratch and had great success with...
  7. Sperminat0r

    1x Northern Light Auto - 400W HPS | 50L Soil | SCROG - First Time Grow

    Hello Folks! This is my first time growing. This one was just for test that's why i don't have many pictures. First week i used 25W CFL light (24/0), after that i used 100W 6500K Led light till week 3 (20/4). From week 3 i used 400W HPS light (18/6) I started with the nutrients at day 14...
  8. H

    Roots organic is horrible

    I had purchased a bag of Roots Original from my local store and all three of my Reserve Privada seeds did not sprout. I have used FFOF in the past and all went well. So a Roots represenative came to my area and gave me alot of free stuff. Very nice of them however I have a ton a fungus nats and...
  9. S

    Autos week 5

    topped these girls due to height restrictions it's my first auto grow and some seem to be forming double shoots at the top ? What yous think guys
  10. LordGreenWood

    Here we grow again with Dinafem :)

    hello all :coffee: its time too start some new beans :d5: all autos from dinafem :bighug: tent 60*60*1.60 + 200 watt led panel + 1 mobydick xxl in 15 l airpot tent 90*60*180 + marshydro pro 2 160 epistar + 1 haze cbd in 15 l airpot and a blue cheese in 10 l airpot a link to my 200w led panel...
  11. C

    CFL grow, soil/coco, 3rd crop, 4 auto's

    Hello fellow growers, this is my 2nd journal and 3rd grow. 1st were 2 auto's, last one was a regular, and this one is 4 auto's. Using the same soil the whole way through..bought more of it for the extra 2 growing now. Growing in an empty room, oscillating fan and mylar paper around the...
  12. Burr_nit

    Roots organic + Bio Bizz... Anyone?

    Total N0ob here! Getting everything together for my grow, and I'm pretty much ready to go. I've decided on a mix/amended soil of: -Roots Organic -Bio Bizz -Perlite -Dolomite Lime Wondering if anyone has any experience with this mix? I'm probably staying away from FFOF. I know some of...
  13. LordGreenWood

    On the grow with Sweet Seeds

    howdy :) just a fews pics of my 2 auto Blow Mind ( in the 55ish days ) and there is an automazar (DP ) in the back ..
  14. LordGreenWood

    Indoor Grow On the grow again with auto flower

    hello there , well they've done 7 weeks under my 200w led panel , and since 3 days under the mars :) thx @ MarshydroTina big kiss all
  15. LordGreenWood

    Sad auto , airpot 6 l + hans panel 150w

    howdy there a few pics of this baby lady , going on the 3.5 weeks , she's looking good so far :smoking:
  16. SMOOTHseven

    Mepphisto White-Crack in gdb's soil

    5 White crack in 3 gallon pots. @gbd super soil made with Roots Organic This is my first soil grow.... so here goes nothing!!
  17. A4

    What is CEC and Why Is It Important?

    CEC is an acronym for cation exchange capacity and refers to a soilless medium or soil’s capacity to hold and exchange mineral nutrients. In this first part of a two-part article, we will talk about CEC, what it means and its importance. Chemistry 101 To understand what CEC is we need to...
  18. TermnalVoid

    Airpots and Aeropress Perpetual Noob Grow

    Hi there AFN! Welcome to my very 1st grow log. It could be the most exciting or the most tedious thing I have ever embarked on, but learning is guaranteed. I'm going to grow 3 Dutch Passion Seeds in AirPots. 2 x Daiquiri Lime Auto and 1 x Auto Blueberry My set up is; 80x80x180 Black Orchid...
  19. pop22

    Kind Soil Review - Pop22

    Top Medium used with kindsoil: simple organic soil: black soil, coco coir, composted manure, worm castings, lime, epsom salts. PH of water given to plant/s in Kindsoil: 6.7 - 6.9 Additives used in conjunction with Kindsoil: none How big of container did you use: 2.5 gallon How many...
  20. Greenbusch

    Dinafem Autoflower // CFL // Soil

    Dinafem Autoflower // CFL // Soil // Indoor - An overview Hey there, I'm Greenbusch, and this is my first grow. I wanted somewhere to keep the glog, and this seemed fitting, considering it's an all autoflowering grow. Great to meet everyone! Conversation, comments, and constructive criticism...