1. CreamGenes

    What to expect from my soil mix?

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum my soil isnt quite organic but I'm using 2gal smart pots (fabric) with approximately 1/4 perlite, 1/4 cow manure & compost, 1/4 topsoil (half&half peat moss and organic matter) and 1/4 miracle grow potting mix (I picked most of the bark and little nute balls...
  2. GreenColombianSalsa

    Second grow / second Automazar in Colombia

    Hi fellows, I recently started my second grow with a Dutch Passion Automazar. Noticing that I made some mistakes in my first grow (she got too small because she growed in heavy soil, among other reasons), I changed some things in this new one and she is really demostrating now that I was right...
  3. K

    Confused as hell about fresh popped seed position in soil.

    OK I have a dilemma, we have 2 choices here pointed end and tap root up or tap root down? I have always planted the seed in soil with it pointed down BUT a good deal of reading and I have found the proper way to plant in soil is actually with the pointed end/taproot pointed up as shown and...
  4. nixy

    Fast & Vast - Soil organic CFL/LED

    hi everyone I was reading threads in AFN for a while, learned many things here very useful, so i decided to create an account and finally start growing. hopefully you guys will help me with my first grow ever. 2 weeks ago I got my seeds from herbies and planted 1 heavyweight fast and vast to...
  5. goose chase

    Any help on Soil Mixing

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to grow with limited success and I'm looking at mixing up these ingredients for a soil mix to try again. Here's the ingredients the quantities given are just the amount I plan to buy/already have: PLANT MAGIC SOIL SUPREME 50L WORM CASTINGS 20L PERLITE (I have...
  6. Dr. Babnik

    Bloody Skunk

    Placed a seed in water today.
  7. pop22

    Multipoint Auto Pot Experiment

    Auto pots are opening new worlds for me to explore! So I've been pondering some things and decided to use my new 4 pot system to test some ideas! And just moments ago, I got the idea to run 2 experiments at once! 1. I'm going to run 2 pots with coco, and 2 pots with soil. Although I'll be using...
  8. iampepe

    I get high on speed... Blackberry and Green Crack

    When I get high, I get high on speed... The FastBuds way FastBuds and the Crue rocking up this place today, the old Carver amp is a bit warm shaking the shit out of this old house while I work with my ladies today. I love living in the countryside doing what I want, when I want and as loud as...
  9. P J

    Airpot,smart pot or normal pot? AN or DP?

    I need your help again guys I have 6*1000 MH that i change to HPS during flower, a very strong air conditioner, ph measuring devices, 2 oscilating fans. I mostly plant AutoUltimate in soil mix (hand made as i cant find any good premix where i live and cant buy 50*20L of premix by mail order for...
  10. Nabzter

    Time to try mephistos genetics !!!

    I have just taken receipt of some goodies and am looking forward to some mad science. The specimens I will be experimenting with are as follows - Ripleys OG Fantasmo Heisenberg special Aĺl beans Currently sitting snug in damp kitchen paper inside empty dvd cases. Going all out in 30l smart...
  11. goose chase

    Hello Everyone, I'm Growing Autos NE UK

    HI, I'm growing autos and thought I'd share a little. I started out last year around crimbo with regular seeds (Critical Skunk) and had a lot of problems trying to keep good temp/humidity range. I ended up with one female and it hermied so I then decided to grow autos to make up for lost time...
  12. moutros

    Seaweed compost for the soil

    Hello everyone, i started making my own soil and i found this very interesting compost which according to directions should be used 50-50 with the soil Specifications Bulk density ~0.55 - 0.60 kg /lt Moisture content 25% - 30% m/m Dry matter 47%- 55% m/m Organic...
  13. iampepe

    HeavyWeight's Fast & Vast - Ponytailing

    Here I go again... I don't know where I'm going, but I sure know where I've been ... I'm an old 70-80's rocker... I grew my first lady in a fence row on the old farm back in '86. Here's to 30 years my brothers and keepers of this lovely life saving plant! Let her rip... HeavyWeight's Fast...
  14. iampepe

    Critical + My Free Lady

    I received one free bean from an order to Herbies, here she is at day 70. I grew it under Mars Hydro LED's from ebay, 300/600 watts, in a 5 gallon bucket using Fafard professional soil, botnicare cal/mag and Fox Farms nutes. She grew to 17 inches tall with many side branches that have some...
  15. Eyes on Fire

    Kindsoil Official Test Team Grow Battle

    High all, ;) well,Ive been givien the opportunity to try Kind Soil out for the first time. upon opening the bag it stunk heavily of a thick fish blended soil upon a few other things but overall its a concentrated soil for Layering for most are.I wanna see if its not too hot when the...
  16. iampepe

    LSD-25 Day 1 - 63

    Newbie to autos, new to LED's, new to these forums thou I have been lurking around since January. The last time I grew was in 11' with DWC. 12 buckets, 3 1k HIDs with good results, all photos. I've been taking pictures since day one and thought I'd share with you fine folks here at AFN, I...
  17. Fuggzy

    Free course by Lancaster University on soils: Introducing the World Beneath Our Feet.

    Hi guys I signed up for this about 8 months ago, and just got an email saying the course will be live on the 4th of July. I learned about it on a different site, but the guys who took it all said it was good. Even the gurus said it was a well put together course. I encourage you guys to join, I...
  18. gantsa

    grow Journal - Amnesia, S.Mazar, 600w hps, soil, 3'x5' by gantsa

    Salut! this is my 10+ grow. i started those babes before some days. some info about the setup -Strains: Amnesia, S.Mazar, Colorado Cookies, Moby Dick, all autos fem (3seeds from each strain) -Space: 3'x5' mylar tent -Pots: 11l aerated fabric pots -Lights: [week 1-2] -2x125w CFL 20/4 [...
  19. Mas

    Mas's AutoXtreme - round 2 advice please

    So this is my AX - flowering nicely around day 65. Low bushy growth , trichomes generally clear with some milkyness. My questions are , how long do think is left for her to be ready for harvest and should I defoliate?
  20. cc2arms


    Not sure if I am posting this in the right spot, if not I do apologize. I started this grow- Around February 14 everything was moving along great then I decided to purchase leds, ok please...