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  1. J

    First time in coco

    First time growing in coco with canna coco proffesional plus and i just planted 13 seeds wich 7 sprouted and 6 never saw the light of day. i germinated 6 more seeds and put them in the coco an hour after i had moistened the coco and none of the 6 has sprouted. i plant the seed just below the...
  2. From seed to harvest, a weed tale by Doppio Beggings, Day 6!

    From seed to harvest, a weed tale by Doppio Beggings, Day 6!

    Hello everybody! Hope you are all safe and doing great! :thumbsup: I spent a lot of time these last few days asking for help and advice on the chat here on autoflowers.net and I must thank infinitely each of you today for this great achievement! Germination occurred, 2 out of 2! 14/05/2020 It...
  3. O

    Red Stem and Twisted Leaves on Seedling a Problem or Overreaction?

    I have my HLG 135w V2 RSpec turned all the way down at 4 feet above the sprout. RH is 60-70%, with temperatures between 68-73. Should I add a clear cup dome or just be patient? I have a humidifier and fan on in the tent, as well as an exhaust system first grow, first sprout and first seedling...
  4. Ripley's  from Mephisto

    Completed Ripley's from Mephisto

    So I have a little Ripley's growing, in a 2 gal pot. I love this strain. It has, so far, gotten taller than me by a good 3-4 inches every time. Tall for an auto, and she stacks those golfballs, too. A lot of mephisto strains seem to throw more individual nuggets than the larger, condensed...
  5. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Breeding Project - Round one- Forgotten Cookies x Tyrone Purps

    So we crossed a BEAUTIFUL female Choc Deisel, and crossed her with this pack of Tyrone Regs we got. (7 out of 9 Tyrones were male, which is what started us thinking.......but the breeder SAID he put it out there for breeding stock, so we shoulda guessed) We did a sprout test on our seeds, so we...
  6. Torquemada

    Is my AutoDurban Poison too small for 8 days from sprout?

    This is my third grow. First two were Afghan Skunk Auto (Advanced Seeds) that went very well. This time around I'm growing a different strain - AutoDurban Poison in a slightly modified soil setup. I added 1.5 liters of perlite in a 7 liter container for better drainage. I'm used to Afghan Skunk...
  7. Ronin

    Germination: The Ronin Way

    Welcome. :Sharing One: I have been asked by a few members what my germination method is. So I have decided to post my process so it will be available to all to reference. Let's get to it.. My method is using the following: Root Riot cubes ( or Rapid Rooters) Glad container Wifi router ( cable...