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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Tyler_Durden88

    Mephisto Avt, Double grape, forum stomper dried and cured pics

    Heres the most recent mephisto strains ive got ready to smoke. This is the AVT wich is super potent and very high odor it smellsthrough the glass jars. Next is the forum stomper she has super high bag appeal and a very distinctive smell great taste and potent as well. Now the best of the...
  2. Tyler_Durden88

    Autoseeds-GG4,Trans-siberian,Dreamberry,Pineapple Strain review

    These are all autoseeds strains i still have the lemon haze growing ill review that as well. So my germ rates were 100% with all strains and they grew as autoseeds said they would. The gorilla glue was a very easy strain to grow and was the highest yield of the group by about 30% more. Very...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Humboldt Seed Organization - Welcome & Contact Information

    Humboldt Seed Organization Hey everyone we'd like to welcome Humboldt Seed Organization to the Autoflower Network! They've asked to come on the site to show off their genetics and get some journals documented out here, so we're excited to have them aboard and see what the growers here can...