sweet seeds

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  1. Nosias

    9 Ladies in AutoPots with Coco & Mega Crop

  2. DB86

    Sweet Seeds - Green Poison XL

    Buzzy Bee's is back at it! Just finished our latest harvest of Nirvana's legendary White Widow and cleared up some space in our sealed grow environment. Soo we will be starting a grow of @Sweet Seeds Green Posion XL! If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited to see what our Spanish/Canadian...
  3. blue


    <<< Sweet Seeds Give-Away Extravaganza For May 2019 >>> Our wonderful friends Sweet Seeds are offering a pack of FREE seeds to All AFN members who have already completed a Documented Sweet Seeds grow here at AFN!! :worship: All you have to do to qualify, is to be able to provide a link to...
  4. elunex

    Indoor Grow Sweet Seeds, Mephisto & GSR Run

    Strains: Mephisto - Strawberry Nuggets Sweet Seeds - Devil's Cream Greensmokeroom - Supa Gorilla Cookies Initially there were meant to be 6 strains running but I've had 5 failed Mephisto germinations (using the recommended germ tech). This grow has already started a bit nightmarish. I bought...
  5. Bigg Al

    Wifie's Honey Peach CBD AUTO

    Hey all, Well now that I got my winnings, I'm do a CBD plant for the wife! @Sweet Seeds thank you so much!! Honey Peach auto cbd day 2 The run down, Soil: Roots Organic Rain Science grow bag 3 gallons Roots Organic teas grow and bloom. This will be another just water and teas! 2...
  6. E

    Sweet auto Trainwreck

    Hey guys, new here so I thought I would show what I have going on. 4 Sweet seeds Sweet auto Trainwreck. 3 in soil at day 47 and 1 in dwc at day 25. The three in soil had a rough life starting with unamended soil from last seasons pepper grow. They were also overfed from the start and had some...
  7. forbiddenx711

    Completed Winter Growing in SoCal

    The summer harvest is barely cured and the weather is so freaking nice you forget we actually have winter here. I'm contemplating trying growing one more short grow on a Cream Mandarine & Blue Dream auto's. I'm curious has any of my near neighbors tried winter growing outdoors at all?
  8. Terra Firma

    4 x SS Honey Peach CBD in Autopots + COBs

    Hi everyone, I've soaked 4 Honey Peach Auto CBD seeds in some water with a drop of root stimulator. This will be the 2nd Sweet Seeds strain I've grown, and it sounds delicious. First CBD strain ever too. My setup: Space: Self built 1.5×1.5m grow room Air system: Soler & Palau TD-500 Silent fan...
  9. E

    Tropical Guerilla Test

    Hi AFN crew, Tropical Guerilla Test grow. New place, in the tropics. Always around 12/12. Still in rainy season, for a few more weeks. Test grow, guerilla style. New location for me. Test for some incoming sativa seeds. To find sites in this place. Brought in six beans in a bag of granola...
  10. forbiddenx711

    Completed Cream Mandarine XL in Living Soil

    After seeing what some of the other growers like @Green Goblin are doing with full organic living soil I decided to make the move to a truly sustainable soil mix and not get all caught up in baby sitting and get off the bottle all together. GG was very helpful in pointing me in the right...
  11. Terra Firma

    Terra's Cream Mandarine XL grow #2

    Hi everyone, I started 3 Cream Mandarine XL seeds a while back. Day 1 was April 25th. They're now on day 56. This is my 2nd time growing this strain. You can check out my 1st grow with the link below. This grow is allready going much better, and 2 of the 3 plants are becoming quite large :)...
  12. Kya Knight

    Ginger Punch x Bloody Skunk

    My first fem seeds are in the works, these will be auto fems. I'm expecting a low yield of seeds because of my low yield of pollen from my highly diluted sts sprayings. I pollinated while all the hairs were white and 12 hour later it seems like hairs have turned brown after each round of...
  13. E

    Maria's Micro Meds: CBD strains from Dutch Passion, Sweet & Dinafem

    Maria's Micro Meds: CBD plants from Dutch Passion, Sweet & Dinafem Plants / Strains: First two are high CBD / low THC strains, both photos: 1 Dutch Passion: CBD Charlotte’s Angel (Photo) (info here) 1 Sweet Seeds: Sweet Pure CBD (Photo) (info here) Both of these are around 15%-20% CBD to...
  14. Sweet Seeds

    Sweet Seeds® 2018 ✦ [Catalog]

  15. TehSnow

    TehSnow - SS Big Devil XL in AutoPot

    Here is my so promised gander into the higher arts of alchemy, magic and cannabis cultivation :welcome: After finaly dialing out all the problems and the steep lurning curve, I present you my first experiment with AutoPot and Coco, a huge upgrade from my so-far average soil grows. I got a...
  16. Only1Sky

    1Sky Multi-Strain in Coco w/ nutrients & Amare SE450UVB

    Hi folks, this journal will track progress on my 6th grow: a four-plant tent consisting of a 2nd run of Trainwreck & Sweet Tooth, and a 1st run of Cosmic Queen and Samsquach OG. SEEDS (4 germinated): Sweet Seeds: Trainwreck Barneys Farm: Sweet Tooth Mephisto: Cosmic Queen & Samsquanch OG...
  17. E

    Tropical Winter Guerilla Grow Ideas!

    AFN Amigas and Amigos! @trailanimal @912GreenSkell @dankstyle J @islandgrower @AussieBogan @Mr Stonde @captcold @Waira @Vlad The Inhaler @GingoStarr @Duckster @Anglo Automatics @witchyhour @TheMongol @i want a green thumb @budelee @A-Train @Sweet Seeds @Sweet Seeds Jay @FastBuds...
  18. Sweet Seeds

    ★ Winners of the Sweet Seeds contest, October 2017 edition

    ✿ Photographic Contest ✿ [/URL'] [/URL'] October 2017 edition [/URL'] ★ KonopCh ★ with this lovely picture of Black Cream Auto: 3 packs of 5+2 Sweet Seeds seeds [/URL'] ★ COALTRAIN ★ with this gorgeous picture of Red Poison Auto: 2 packs of 5+2 Sweet Seeds seeds [/URL'] ★...
  19. sniper

    telos 0008 test grow with sniper

    My setup is a 3'x3'x7.5' tent and a telos-0008 the pot is a 5 gallon smart pot with a sweet seeds Mohan ram in fox farms happy frog soil nutes are general organics go box Mohan ram 3/4 weeks old
  20. Kush

    Sweet Skunk Auto & Tangelo Rapido Auto - Kush's Low Budget Grow

    Hi people, Kush here. I will be growing Sweet Seeds "Sweet Skunk Auto" and Barneys Farm "Tangelo Rapido Auto" side by side. Just soaked the beans in water and will move them to wet paper towels after 24 hours. Here is some info about the grow: Strains: Sweet Skunk Auto by Sweet Seeds &...