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telos 0008

  1. Trichome farmer

    Indoor Grow THE TRICHOME FARM ( HSO fast green crack )

    Hello and welcome to my thread this is where i will gather all of my different grows so lets get straight into it the setup space: secret jardin DS120 120x120x180cm 16inch mounted fan 4inch extraction small dehumidifier lights...
  2. Harry_Kovert

    LED Overkill?

    Good evening to all you fine peeps. I have a 90 x 90 x 175 tent and I curently have a GN HS1 shining on 4 day old seedlings. A HGL 100 V2 QB is arriving tomorrow and a GN Telos 0008 is arriving next week. I'm not planning on using all of the lights at this early stage but would it be...
  3. Stellabud

    Indoor Grow Telos 008 Grow trained vs untrained

    Currently on day 24 only just worked out how to start my own thread so have posted a few pics so far! Zkittlez OG barneys farm grown in airpots under telos008. Watch this space...
  4. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Seed Stockers Sticky Fingers (Telos 0008 / DWC)

    Hello! I am going to grow one Sticky Fingers (automatic) that Seed Stockers kindly provided for me to try out. My setup is as follows: Grow space: 60cm x 100cm x 200cm (DxWxH) = 0,6 m2 Lights: GN Telos 0008 modified to run with 6 modules, instead of full 8 modules (180w powerdraw)...
  5. Trichome farmer


    hello AFN heres my new grow we have some real treats in store in the form of two new photo periods from dutch passion big fan of the lemon skunk a parent to the LZ so it was a no brainer then the bubba island kush is rumoured to be the new house favorite around dutch passion she is supposed to...
  6. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Seed Stockers O.G. Candy Dawg Kush

    MedGrower submitted a new Showcase Item: Medgrower Does Seed Stockers O.g. Candy Dawg Kush Read more about this showcase item here...
  7. Mangos

    Completed DP Lemon Zkittles under GN Telos-0008

    Hey guys, long time no speak! A lot has happened in the last year and a half or so, but now I am back and excited to be growing again. I am still a n00b in the art of the growing, my experience is limited to 6 autos I grew over a 6month period a few years back. This is my first photoperiod...
  8. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Auto Night Queen (DWC/HS1/Telos 0008)

    Hi! This is my round 2 trying this strain out. First one didn't quite finish as I would have hoped, didn't get a yield that would have satisfied me but the quality of the end product was something so powerful I just couldn't help but to give this another go and see if I could tame this lady of...
  9. blue

    Crystal Candy with Biotabs & GN Telos

    Hey there! :welcome: Here begins my journey from seed to harvest of Sweet Seeds Crystal Candy ^_^. As most of us know, sweet seeds completely rock and have been a corner post at AFN for many years, providing us with lovely competitions and seed prizes for AFN monthly and yearly competitions...
  10. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Blue AutoMazar (DWC / HS1 / Telos 0008)

    Hello! :toke: I got my garden back in the business now, starting with just a one plant and thought I will start up another one in upcoming weeks. My patient asked kindly to grow some more of the awesome, very effective medicine for her that best helps her pains. From all the varieties this one...
  11. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Seed Stockers White Widow (Telos 0008 / DWC)

    Hello :toke: I am going to grow one White Widow automatic that Seed Stockers kindly provided for me to try out. My setup is as follows: Grow space: 60cm x 100cm x 200cm (DxWxH) = 0,6 m2 Lights: GN Telos 0008 Reservoir: Old GHE aeroponic system tank modified to be just DWC tank. I use 3"...
  12. bluesbreeder

    Advice on light growroom 80x80x180 tent

    hey guy’s, Well i have been reading a lot on lights led,cob led , QB’s and par ,spectrum ,...... There is so much info so much to choose from. But i selected 1 light in each kind Grownorthern telos 0008 led Optic 4 cob’s Hlg 300 Quantum board. Would all be around 400-500 € or $ Any advice or...
  13. sniper

    telos 0008 test grow with sniper

    My setup is a 3'x3'x7.5' tent and a telos-0008 the pot is a 5 gallon smart pot with a sweet seeds Mohan ram in fox farms happy frog soil nutes are general organics go box Mohan ram 3/4 weeks old
  14. blue

    Biotabs with GN Telos - Mephisto Sour Livers & Seed Stockers OG Kush

    blue submitted a new Showcase Item: Biotabs With Gn Telos - Mephisto Sour Livers & Seed Stockers Og Kush Hi Again :thumbsup: Here begins the journey of my second try with biotabs. I've upgraded my setup a little to roll with the times, and purchased a lovely GrowNorthern Telos light. But...
  15. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Seed Stockers - Northern Lights DWC Telos0008

    Hello all! I was thinking it would be finally a time to give these babies a go and do a decent grow journal about my experiences, after my unfortunate forced break due to my security situation. And as I got back into this forum I notice to my surprise that there are some Growing competitions...
  16. Mossy

    GrowNorthern LED Telos 0008 Growbattle

    Coming Soon..........................:headbang:
  17. sour.b

    Sour.b's continuous Autogrow under Telos-0008

    GrowNorthern sent the Telos-0008 last week, and she was fired up in my tent over the weekend. I will start by a big thanks to them for this opportunity to test the light here on AFN. A few other growers will be joining very soon in the GN subforum. The Telos-0008 (240W) will replace 2 xGN...