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  1. N

    Will 600hps melt snow

    Help guys!!... So where I am we are due snow in a few weeks... My setup is in my attic.. the roof (uninsulated) I'm running a 600w hps... Will this melt the snow??.. 5 neighbours have the same roof and are all attached..any suggestions?
  2. N

    How many autoflowers plants in 4x4

    Sup people so my current set up is 100cmx100cm tent but I'm thinking for getting a 120cmx120cm (big as I can go) I can currently fit 4 xxl autos in my 100cmx100cm... So my question is can I fit more in a 120cmx120cm (4x4)...pic attached of current grow....
  3. N

    Please Help! Am i fucked?

    Problem: extreme curling and yellowing of new growth, burnt tips, some leaves yellowing throughout the tops, red stems Medium/grow method: roots organics orginal Feed: and supplements used: 1.5-3.5 g/ gal Megacrop increased weekly and 1tsp / gal roots trinity water source: dechlorinated well...
  4. N

    Need help deciding which LEDs to buy

    Hey guys, new auto grower here, ive spent some good money on Mephisto genetics and now i need help choosing a light. ill be growing in a tent inside a closet due to landlord issues (older couple, not down with the pot, persay.) The space I have to work with is big enough to fit a 4x2x5 tent. ive...
  5. Medimadness

    Nicole Cream Auto and Candy Dawg Auto - Medimadness' 1st Battle

    Hey AFN, had some spare time and with the plants not waiting I guess this thread can't either! So this thread is a bit of a three parter: First we have 3 Nicole Creams for the battle spread across 3 slightly different conditions. 2 are in a side by side comparison between my peat pots (cut...
  6. Tyler_Durden88

    COB LED Lights?

    Im looking into buying another light to add to my 4x4x80 tent for more coverage. right now i have 3 300w Full spectrum Roledo LED panel lights and they have worked very well thus far. After doing some research i see that COB LED has come a long way and it might be the best choice for my...
  7. NoobGr0wer

    Super Skunk Auto concerns

    hey, so this is my first time posting, and also first time growing. I’m growing 5 autoflowering sensi seeds super skunk in a grow tent under a Mars Hydro 300 LED. I’m using 10 litres pots, and all the plants seem to be doing well, there is 1 plant however that is just staying very short. They...
  8. madscientist

    Growing Autos from Costa Rica

    Hello everyone, here's my little grow in a 4x2x6 tent, with a 600W Vero29 v7, using it at 300W right now, cos' of heat. Waiting to rig the a/c in order to crank it up. Anyway tell me whatcha think! HppHrvst We got 4 Auto White Widow from DP and 2 Auto Blue Tooth from MSNL, there is also a...
  9. Burr_nit

    Burr_Nit's - Haze CBD+ RoadRunner#2

    Finally starting my first grow!!!! And of course a journal to go along with it! Super excited to get started and get some input and help a long the way! So here's the overview.. Tent: 2x4x6 Light: Viparspectra 450W LED on 20/4 (Adding four CFLS 6500k for veg period, 2700k for bloom period.)...
  10. WeedSmokerEire

    Northern light automatic Royal Queen Seeds

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, i would like to introduce to you my 4 beautiful northern light autos from royal queen seeds. They are at day 40 from germination. Any questions or advice about the grow please feel free to pitch in :) One of the plants is in full flower while the other three are a...