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  • BOMB Seeds: 1st: JohnEMad 2nd: pop22
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test team

  1. wwwillie

    Rain Science Grow Bags communal test thread

    Hey Now! Welcome to the Raince Science Communal test thread. Stay tuned as 10 Growers put these through their paces!
  2. Frogster

    "Used Tea Bag" for Seed Germination - Live Experiment

    Can you germinate cannabis seeds in used teabags ? A gardening show that I saw somewhere, a few years back - gave me the idea for this experiment, and prompted for the reasons below. Tea leaves contain all the big three nutrients, N-P-K, as well as some trace minerals, in fact - tea leaves...
  3. Ripper

    C vault unboxing and review

  4. pop22

    Zambeza Zambeza's Green Monster!

    Welcome! I'll be testing Zambeza's Green monster Autoflower. here's the stats on this autoflower: Genetics Green Monster x Big Devil 2 x Ruderalis THC 15% Type Indica dominant Height indoor 60 - 90cm Height outdoor 70 - 110cm Yield indoor g/m² 300 - 350g Yield outdoor g/plant 70 - 120g Taste...
  5. Frogster

    Zamnesia "Auto Caramel" Smoke Report

    SeedBank:- Zamnesia Seeds (Website Link) Strain Name:- Caramel Automatic Cut Date:- 9th Dec 2016 Did it Autoflower?:- Yes Medium:- Soil/hydro - Canna Pro Soil mixed with perlite & pebbles (25%) and a bottom layer of pebbles. Description:- 1 Plant grown in Autopot, with Airdomes, (shared...
  6. budelee

    Budelee does Bomb Seeds THC Bomb Cherry Bomb

    ::Introduction:: A big Thank You to Bomb Seeds for sponsoring this test grow..I will be growing two THC bombs and two Cherry Bomb plants.....Media= coco coir in two gallon Geo pots...lights will be 600 watts of HID,MH for veg and HPS for flower...nutes will be a KISS method using the Lucas Ratio...
  7. stepside

    Stepsides SS Testers

    This thread is basically so I can keep track of stuff. You can follow if you want I'll update the https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/another-test-run-for-short-stuff-got-to-love-these-people.53027/ from this thread as well
  8. GoAuto6

    Another test run for "Short Stuff" got to love these people!

    The good folks of short stuff have a line up of tester beans coming out that looks like this :worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship: Super Cali haze X Auto Amnesia Super Cali haze X Sativa AK47 Super Cali haze X (Amnesia x Blueberry)...