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  1. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Breeding Project - Round one- Forgotten Cookies x Tyrone Purps

    So we crossed a BEAUTIFUL female Choc Deisel, and crossed her with this pack of Tyrone Regs we got. (7 out of 9 Tyrones were male, which is what started us thinking.......but the breeder SAID he put it out there for breeding stock, so we shoulda guessed) We did a sprout test on our seeds, so we...
  2. FullDuplex

    Welcome tCheck!

    tCheck is the at home unit that accurately tests your infusions,flower, and concentrates. Please give a big AFN welcome to tCheck!
  3. E

    Tropical Guerilla Test

    Hi AFN crew, Tropical Guerilla Test grow. New place, in the tropics. Always around 12/12. Still in rainy season, for a few more weeks. Test grow, guerilla style. New location for me. Test for some incoming sativa seeds. To find sites in this place. Brought in six beans in a bag of granola...
  4. wwwillie

    WWWillie is a genius!

    wwwillie submitted a new Showcase Item: Wwwillie Is A Genius! Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. wwwillie

    Pulse Labs Tester Group

    Hey Now! Here we are, the test crew for the Pulse Labs equipment, AKA the Pulse Nano and the Pulse App. Meet the test crew: @wwwillie @pop22 @nizmoKush @db003 @Clix Stay tuned, going to be some interesting things happening as we test out this nifty and wonderful tool for our gardens
  6. BustCase

    Running seeds 12/12 no veg

    Hi all! Bit of a dilemma.. I am curious if anyone has ever done a whole auto grow under 12/12 from day one? Wondering if it would be ok to just throw an auto or two in the flowering room to veg while some reg strains were finishing off. Then when the reg ones come out the autos will be mid...