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  1. CBDrichLouisiana

    Louisiana - Two Outdoor Grows: April to July, July to October

    Louisiana farmers see, and will see more clearly the opportunity to produce additional revenue by growing an early season of .3% THC or less CBD rich hemp outdoors as well as a regular, extended second crop under more normal photoperiod conditions. Beating the other states to market to fill the...
  2. Eekman

    Unit Farm Unit Farm Ultimate Test UFO 320, (cree, osram) Auto/Photo, Veg, and Herbs.

    Good Day to All, Hello everybody, I am here to test this Unit Farm 320 This is from thier website DETAILS Specification:UFO-320 UPC:600740987755 Par Value: 3255.6umol Lumen: 52053 Lm±5%@AC120V 54671 Lm±5%@AC240V Power draw: 725W ±5%@AC120V 710W ±5%@AC240V Input Voltage: AC85-265V...
  3. pop22

    Pop22's Continual Autoflower Tent

    As I have often had many threads going all at once, I want to do some consolidation. I wish we could have sub topics within a single thread. The only thing I can see to do, is to create 3 main threads and reference them in alternate topics, to keep the concept separater from the threads. An...
  4. stepside

    Indoor Grow Blackdog Phytomax 1000

    I was given the chance to test this light for AFN'DOM and Blackdog LED normally I just take a few pics but my brother @dtrud0h helped me out big time with an unboxing video.
  5. Son of Hobbes

    Meet the Kind LED Testing Team!

    Hey guys, we're just starting to get the wheels in motion here for the Kind LED Grow Lights Live Vendor trial! We have two testers from our CannaZone Testing Group, @Rebel and @stepside , so let's give these fellas a big hand for testing and a thank you to Kind LED for giving us the opportunity...