1. A

    Purchase HPG Seeds Here.

    Healing Path Genetic seeds now available @ Oregon Elite Seeds.
  2. A

    2019 HPG Communal Test Thread

    Our friend @Mizzo81 suggested we do a dedicated communal test thread. So, here we go. Tobe and I want to thank you all once again for taking the time to test/document your grows with HPG genetics! Peace
  3. BCBudlady

    Orange Assault x Bluetooth Auto Reg

    Seed Testing at 18 days.
  4. Mossy

    GROW BATTLES Healing Path Genetics Team HQ

    We are very Happy to Announce a Healing Path Genetics Test Team for 2019...:amazon: Their Testers will be tagged in shortly....... Team Leader @hecno
  5. midIN

    first Royal Queen Quick One auto fem

    Here's a link to my journal. Thanks for checking it out if you. Will keep it updated as she shows me what she's been up to. Also I will be starting a journal entry for my San Tri Bajo. Right now...
  6. Chris@Zenseeds

    Hallo From Zenseeds

    Hallo my name is Christian :hippy:and i will represent here at AFN First, a big thank's to all the AFN community for taking us on board. Everybody at Zenseeds look forward to see there strains grown out in AFN member gardens . To get it all started we kick it off with a cool...
  7. tobe

    Stoned dogs on a walk, the dog chat

    Hi friends I open this thread for all who loves their dogs. Please share some picture. Tell some storys you got with your dog. what you train your dog and all the other thing from your best friend. Have fun and cu tobe