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topping autos

  1. 8210CE0B-D5D7-4ADB-8CE0-96F5FC3FFDD7.jpeg


    Double Grape day 38 Mephisto
  2. Professor Autoflower

    Topping Mephisto Double Grape at Day 15

    Professor Autoflower - Double Grape https://www.theweedtube.com/video/how-to-top-autoflowers-topping-mephisto-double-grape-autoflower-at-day-15-109361
  3. Double Grape week 3, topping this week on Day 15

    Double Grape week 3, topping this week on Day 15

    Mephisto Double Grape week 3. Growing so fast. Topped at day 15. I usually don’t top until day 21. I will start lst in a few days when the new tops start growing. I will lst new tops and lower shoots.
  4. Double Grape - Mephisto week 1

    Double Grape - Mephisto week 1

    Double Grape - week 1 Topping at day 14. Will begin lst a few days after.
  5. AutoDevilHQ

    New Grower AutoBeast Guided Grow - FastBuds Northern Lights & ChemDawg Autos

    Hi everyone, Feels amazing to finally be here after meeting AutoBeast over 2 years ago and promising him I'd give his old retired 4" x 4" Tent a good home to make some beautiful ladies. Running a 600w HPS and growing in BioBizz LiteMix. Day -1 The 3 Girls have been placed in 15L pots...
  6. B

    Oasis Auto OG Chem grow progress! First time using tent. Im a newb

    Hey guys, I'm growing a couple Og Chem Autos Oasis rn. This is my 4th time growing but first time with a tent and first time attempting topping. I figured I'd give it a go. I think I'm a tad early but wanted to be safe since this strain goes into flower so fast. Anyway, I went to top her tonight...
  7. Mustbob

    Seedsman Amnesia Auto First Time Grower Journal

    Hello AFN:hippy: I'm first time grower i know i am late for posting a journal cause it's 47 and 42 days of my girls. I am adding previous pic. for every week. From now on i will try to update every week or more frequent. First i started as a balcony grower but then i decided 7 hours sunlight is...
  8. MasterTarzan

    Do you LST after Topping? When?

    Hey Do you LST after topping? When do you start LST if you do?
  9. Tyler_Durden88

    Mainlining and Manifolding Auto's

    When growing indoors plant training may just be the most important aspect of increasing yield and quality of your buds. There are many diffrent techniques including LST, topping/fiming,super cropping,lollypoping ECT. This thread is for mainlining/manifolding. I'd suggest getting comfortable with...
  10. Ganjibas

    First indoor grow. Sweet mango auto by Greenhouse & Dwarf Auto by Kera seeds

    Hi Guys! Nice to meet you all and thanks for letting me in. Its my first indoor experience. Light: 600w China led Medium: Coco coir / perlite 80/20 Nutrients: GH trio + bioweed Pots: 3&5 gal fabric Ph: 5.8-6.2 Temp: 26 day / 22 night Humidity: 40/60 Girls are day 23 (sweet mango) and 24...
  11. Tyler_Durden88

    Topping & Cropping Autos

    I'm making this thread bc I'm sick of seeing all these myths on what not to do with autos such as topping and HST. I'm not saying it should always be used but certain strains really benefit from topping. It is true Autos have alot less room for error so depending on your skills and exsperience...
  12. rlsachs2003

    First grow, should I top plants

    First grow plants our just at 3 weeks old. I have plenty of room in grow tent. Only have 4 plants going. Tent is 8 ft with light and smart pots figured in I have 6 ft of growth height. Should I top plants or just let them grow naturally
  13. Gabarram

    Nirvana Sky Super Auto strain

    This Nirvana Sky Super Auto from Flash Seeds (100-120 days from seed to harvest) was growing (indoors) in a 15 L plastic pot since germination. The substrate is coco coir perlite (65/35) and the FlowerPower line as fertilizers (also, I use root excelurator) and Ca-Mg-Fe supplement). When she...
  14. Element115

    RQS Royal Dwarf Auto

    Veg light: 130w Super cool CFL Flower light: 125w Red CFL Soil: Plant Magic plus Grow space: a walk in cupboard Nutes: Plant magic old timer organic Veg and Bloom. I'm abit late with posting as she's currently 26days old. I bought 6 royal dwarf seeds and have previously grown in a converted...
  15. EvilScotsman

    auto ultimate grow

    hi guys new on here. my day of reconning has finally arrived. quick trip out for a nute heater and some grodan cubes and ill be good to go. using a 1m x1m x1.7m tent (had to chop a bit off to fit it in) a gt205 hydro tray and appropriate nutes and 2 x 250 true watt LED's. the second of wich for...
  16. LordGreenWood

    Here we grow again with Dinafem :)

    hello all :coffee: its time too start some new beans :d5: all autos from dinafem :bighug: tent 60*60*1.60 + 200 watt led panel + 1 mobydick xxl in 15 l airpot tent 90*60*180 + marshydro pro 2 160 epistar + 1 haze cbd in 15 l airpot and a blue cheese in 10 l airpot a link to my 200w led panel...
  17. LordGreenWood

    On the grow with Sweet Seeds

    howdy :) just a fews pics of my 2 auto Blow Mind ( in the 55ish days ) and there is an automazar (DP ) in the back ..
  18. LordGreenWood

    Indoor Grow On the grow again with auto flower

    hello there , well they've done 7 weeks under my 200w led panel , and since 3 days under the mars :) thx @ MarshydroTina big kiss all