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training autos

  1. lljwforever999

    first grow indoors vs outdoor what to do. also could use some help with training

    So i was going to start my first grow outside in soil but the more i go around the internet i see everyone has a indoor setup should i just spend the money on the grow setup or just stick with my outdoor plan i could use some help trying to get at least 70 to 100 a plant
  2. Tyler_Durden88

    Mainlining and Manifolding Auto's

    When growing indoors plant training may just be the most important aspect of increasing yield and quality of your buds. There are many diffrent techniques including LST, topping/fiming,super cropping,lollypoping ECT. This thread is for mainlining/manifolding. I'd suggest getting comfortable with...
  3. Lev8nu

    First grow in many years ~ 26 days Tandgerine Dream (gc

    Went through a divorce and needed a good hobbie Have a 28”x28”x5’ tent with a beginner light set up that I will upgrade after this grow - works for now and lots of fans to try to keep my girls cool. Charcoal filter vented to the dryer vent. I live in an old mill loft so in mass so just don’t...
  4. Waximus

    The AFN CannaZone Bomb Seeds Test Thread!!!

    Greetings to Members, Guests, and all manor of dedicated Cannabis Devotees! :worship: And, a Top Shelf Welcome to our new sponsor, Bomb Seeds!!:welcome: THIS is what you've been waiting for! The AFN CannaZone Test Team has been honored to do grow tests of Bomb Seeds' most intriguing seed...