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twenty20 genetics

  1. St. Tom

    st.tom runs glue sniffer and snow g auto for twenty20 seeds full post

    big thanks to @Twenty20 Adam for the seeds anyhow they have both sprouted I'm also maybe going to run 1 solo and 1 big airpot. the strains are glue sniffer and snow g anyhow here's my germ pic @Trichome farmer 2nd update I restarted another snow g and the glue sniffer...
  2. MOMedical

    Indoor Grow 5 Grow Show: Grape Dosi Breath SL, Purple Rolex V2.1, Runtz, Sour Apple, Expert Gorilla

    :welcome::welcome::welcome: Hey all, first time documenting as I go so bear with me good or bad. These germed 5/2 so I waited to make sure all were healthy a few weeks in and here we are. I love trying all kinds of auto genetics from many many breeders big and small, always 3-4 different each...
  3. GlueSniffer S1 by Twenty20 Mendocino

    GlueSniffer S1 by Twenty20 Mendocino

    I started with one strain...ended up with 5. This is Strain #6 from Twenty20 Mendocino. Glue Sniffer S1 is one of Twenty20's I've not tried yet, and if what ive seen of his work so far is any clue, this is going to be a beautiful example of exacting attention to detail and a true love of...
  4. Trichome farmer

    Twenty20 Mendocino 2021 Grow&show

    This event is sponsored by @Twenty20 Adam :d5: All lurkers welcome! if you have your own beans your welcome to join Participants will post in here weekly updates with strain name and the progress of the show and in which week they are. start date : as soon as you can. finish date : to...
  5. Twenty20 Mendocino Genetics: Girl Crush & Avenue of the Giants

    Twenty20 Mendocino Genetics: Girl Crush & Avenue of the Giants

    I'm so STOKED at the new strains I got from this breeder. The genetics he used are just AMAZING sounding, and I cant WAIT to see what happens in this tent. You can even get a catalogue from this breeder, which showcases ALL his strains for sale right now, with great photos. I'm more excited...