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  1. Glue Breath 2 full

    Glue Breath 2 full

    this is what she looks like right before i cut her. this one was supported by a bamboo grid that i took out, then slid her into a tiled area to photo. VERY different from the plant i put in the tent. Buds are like lead ping pong balls. see that one branch point at the floor?
  2. full Glue Breath View

    full Glue Breath View

    Her leaves start out light, and she gets stressed w/too much light, but once you drop the hours below 14, she starts to shine, and the leaves turn a deep, glossy evergreen. they look like they're made out of wax at the end, when i cut her. amazing plant.
  3. Glue Breath 2

    Glue Breath 2

  4. Glue Breath 1

    Glue Breath 1

    does she really need a description? She is a plant i grew at random, one of the first solo grows i ever did. (I grew as part of a team for several years before trying it on my own) She came when a plant (think a GG. ) hermied and pollinated a motorbreath. i got a bud, and 4 seeds out of that bud.
  5. Glue Breath  (my White Rose) last 3 seeds!

    Completed Glue Breath (my White Rose) last 3 seeds!

    Here I have my last 3 glue breath beans, just popped their heads up this morning. I do not know if these seeds are fem or not. Like I mentioned before, these seeds came from a female plant that hermied, and pollinated a motorbreath. So I have no idea what I am about to get. I have a bit of an...
  6. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    My Personal Cut - Glue Breath

    I am posting this to draw a little bit of attention to a cut that has never been seen. Shes a Motorbreath x Superglue cross (hence the name, Glue Breath. Though I think she looks more like a White Rose. But then you would have no idea where she came from) So far she is cut - only. I want to...
  7. Unique

    Indoor Grow Uniquez XXL Invasion

    Hey Everyone I'm back after a 4 week prep and lining my grows up. This time around I have 2-XXL's but only one of the two will be documented here, the 2nd you'll basically see in group photo's but NO updates to be posted(for now) The Focus on this Grow will be FastBuds- Blue Dreamatic' Blue...
  8. Unique

    Unique's XXL Invasion!

    Hey Guy's I'm back again after a 4 week prep, This time we will be running Dinafem's White Widow XXL & Amnesia XXL Autoflowers(also Watch for Dinafem & Little Chief Collabs Photo grow,them threads coming up soon!) Amnesia XXL Autoflowering Born from an Original Amnesia and an Original Amnesia...
  9. Unique

    FastBuds New Strain- Lemon AK-47

    Hey Everyone, I'm back with more FastBuds this time we have an Unreleased Strain L.A Currently I have ZERO info about this, no clue what cross or anything.. I will update once I find out whether it's sativa or indica dom..While strain's are in testing we are not giving much info about them...But...
  10. Unique

    Unique taken a Ride on The Fantsamo Express

    Hey Everyone, Well I finally have an opportunity to grow out some Mephisto and My Favorite Strain at that! The Famous Ghost Train Haze in Auto form I am very much looking forward to see how much like the photo version this is...These seeds were gifted by Two friends on here, so Guy's this Grow...
  11. Unique

    Dinafem- Sour Diesel Auto

    Hey Everyone, I'm back after a much needed break! I'm running Dinafem's Sour Diesel Auto. I have everything started already, so no waiting on the germ... Sour Diesel Autoflowering DINAFEM A real Sativa, in autoflowering version Sour Diesel Autoflowering is a genuine Sativa that will delight...
  12. K

    New grower here in need of assistance

    Ok,I just tiok some pictures hoping someone has seen this before and can maybe tell me what I did wrong or what is the problem, so I could get her back on track.She is a Dinafem Kush and Cheese.Shes 5 days old,meaning 5 days from coming up from medium. The medium is Coco Coir.Ph'd water,I also...
  13. Unique

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal Queen Seeds- Royal Jack Test Grow

    Hey Guy's, I am doing a test grow on Royal Queen Seeds-Royal Jack.. This will be Grown In an Optimized Grow Environment, with stress free condition's. I hope everyone will Enjoy this grow. Breeder: Royal Queen Seeds Strain: Royal Jack(auto)...
  14. Unique

    Completed FastBuds Performance Testing-Unreleased Strains C.C- C.A

    Hello Everyone, I am doing a Performance Test Grow for FastBuds, I will be running Two of their Unreleased Strain's C.C--C.A. This Test Grow will be grown in an Optimized Grow Environment, With Stress Free Conditions. The seed's have already been germinating, we'll be getting things...
  15. budelee

    AutoBeanStalks Communal Test Thread..Git Ya Some Dragons !!!

    :welcome:Everybody !! To The AutoBeanStalk Communal Test Thread The team will be documenting most of the gear that ABS offers I can say from past grows that this stuff is potent(my friends will back that statement when they wake up from that faceplant !!!) The Team Will Include @daggersstrain...