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    The major benefit of the add-on is that it allows breeders/vendors a global calendar (that they add their own events to,) a group media gallery, group discussion area, an information/about tab, and a few other goodies that should make the experience overall a better one.

    One major caveat to point out, the new groups (where you see the overlay) unfortuantely *REQUIRE* you to join them in order to post in them. This is done by design of the software (and I understand why,) however it's been requested to see if we can circumvent this somehow. I will inquire to the developer to see if it's an option available or one that can be added to future versions. So to be clear, you MUST JOIN the group to be able to post and reply, even if your existing threads were there before. We apologize for this minor inconvenience but it's a one-time deal and then it's back to business :-)
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Cannabis Seeds
  1. elcoloan

    Advice About Drying For Vaporizer Use, Please

    What drying and curing steps should i take for a harvest meant to be consumed in a vaporizer only? All the same as with weed for smoking? I don't care for white, thick, milky clouds as most... just flavor and effects.
  2. arty zan

    Dyanvap - All Things Dynavap

    This thread is for "All Things Dynavap", so whether it be the original Vap cap, Vongs, M Series, Omni's, Dyna Coils, Stainless Steel, Titanium or third party additions, please share your knowledge with us here.:d5: Handy hints and tips,Advice on cleaning,Care of wooden Vong bodies, New ways of...
  3. pop22

    Vap Cap! Something a Little Different! is my favorite vape vendor. Got an email coupon for a discount on a Vap Cap by Dynavap! Dynavap makes several variations of this device, mine is the base model/original Vap Cap2. Vap Cap is a tiny vaporizer, not much bigger than a one hitter! Mine consists of 2 glass tubes...
  4. K

    My Vape collection! What are you packin?

    I am kinda new to vaping, I had to make the switch because of health issues. I tried edibles but I could not properly dose my self,so I finally broke out the Zipp dry herb pen and much to my surprise I loved it and it led me to start a collection. We have a Fire Fly 2(FireFly), The Mighty (Storz...
  5. forestly

    Vaping dabs (rosin tech)

    Hello green brothers and sisters around the world, help a friendly stoner out. I don`t smoke - i vape (use Volcano) but now i have access to dabs and to be really honest i am not sure the Volcano would be the smartest way to use dabs. If anyone has any suggestions which systems/rigs to use...
  6. K

    The Plenty from Storz & Bickel DeskTop Vape and Randy's Zipp Portable Vape

    Well, I have had some issues lately on January 1st of 2017 my lung collapsed, I have a genetic thing I am tall and thin and my lungs are unusually long which cause these air sacks called blebs to form... I knew nothing of this until this happened. Well that night a big bleb on the upper left...
  7. pop22

    Focusvape Pro Real BANG For Your Buck!

    Focusvape Pro I recently bought and posted a review of the Focusvape standard model, a damn fine vape in my book, especially at a retail price of $119.00. I planned to replace my DaVinci Ascent but the deal fell through and I didn't have $199 to spend. I Decided to look for the Focusvape Pro a...
  8. N

    Questions about vaping

    Hello fellow smokers and growers! Im a long time (twenty years) cigarette smoker from europe. Weed is expensive here and we mix it with tobacco to make joints. Ive basically been smoking a pack a day and another two or three unfiltered cigs to boot in my reefer. Horrible. So after a spate of...
  9. Anthropolis

    Review: Pulsar APX, Portable, True Vape, $60!

    Greetings friends, Anthro here again with a review of the Pulsar APX portable vaporizer. It's a fairly great little unit, is indeed a true vaporizer, comes in a nice kit, and has a retail price of $60. [Disclosure: as a member of the test team, it would be good etiquette to state that this is...
  10. Dr. Babnik

    Review of MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer

    MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer - A Review First impression: MIGO 2 in 1 dry herb and wax vaporizer is made of stainless steel. It seems durable and of good quality. Well built, elegant and practical design. The dry herb coil is a spiral surrounded of a ceramic insulator. The wax coil is...
  11. Dr. Babnik

    Getting a vaporizer

    Tomorrow I can pick up mu Migo 2 in 1 dry herb and wax vaporizer. That will be interesting. Should I consider "commersial" hash dry or wet? My herbs is not ready yet.
  12. K

    AtmosRx Dry Herb Vape Pen

    I just wanted to give this pen a quick rating and review, I have never vaped before and I really do not know if this is a true vape pen or if it is just flameless either way it is pretty damn handy and will get you fried. I mostly smoke bongs but when kids are not at school I have to be kinda...
  13. lazylathe

    The Lotus Vaporizer

    Hello All! Since i had to give up growing i don`t really come on here and post anymore. Always poking around and seeing what everyone is doing though! Still an awesome community! And i miss growing so badly... I wanted to share my new vaporizer with you! I have owned the Lotus for about a month...