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  1. D

    How much water to give autos

    Sup people my plants are about 2 weeks old in 20 liter pots... Currently I'm watering a small bit every day.... But I'm not sure if that's the best way ... So my question is how much water should I be giving and how often?
  2. Harry_Kovert

    Water Quality?

    Good morning all, Apologies for the duplication, I had posted this in the wrong section me thinks. I'm watering my plants with locally purchased still mineral water. The breakdown of minerals is as follows: Typical Values per litre - Calcium 11.0mg - Magnesium 3.5mg - Potassium 2.5mg - Sodium...
  3. Riggaman

    Dehumidifier water

    So I recently added a new dehumidifier and It's pulling allot of water like 2 gallons a day can I use this water on my plants ?
  4. Basshead

    Watering question

    my plants in the second week of flowering and I was wondering I keep seeing people say water your plant until you see run off but should I be doing that when I have a ten gallon pot I poured a gallon of water my last feeding and saw no run off but was scared to go over if anyone has an answer I...
  5. rlsachs2003

    Well Water

    Was wondering thoughts on using well water on plants? I also have access to pond water as well. Will be using a soil/peat/perlite mix. I will be starting my first grow in next few weeks and trying to have everything planned out to the last detail before I start germination when seeds arrive...
  6. E

    Pot design techniques for water retention in low rain guerrilla grow?

    Pot design techniques for water retention in low rain guerrilla grow? Hey AFN crew, Need your expert outdoor and guerrilla experience. In the tropics, about to start a guerrilla after rainy season. Main thread is here...
  7. WeedNoob

    Watering plants using arduino :)

    Hey everybody, I'm about to get started an arduino project that should make eve thing automatic. I will start from the watering system. As soon as I will get eve thing sorted I will share all the details with you guys of course :) My biggest problem at the moment is to figure out what are the...
  8. AppleFritter

    Watering twice daily vs. once daily with Roots Original

    What is the consensus regarding these routines? Is it better for a plant to get a more frequent watering, say once every 12 hours, or is it better to have one long wet period 24 hours? I am not watering to run off
  9. stillSmokin420

    Help with Watering

    im gonna be growing in soil airpots i hear people telling me dont worry about the ph... do they mean ph of the soil or ph of the water.... im gonna use tap water i was gonna fill a res full of water let it sit with airstones in it and feed it to plants... am i right or wrong?
  10. Dr. Babnik

    Calcium in Tap Water - Is Ca Supplement a threat?

    I just cheked the official analysis of the tap water here. It is 100 mg Ca/L. So when watering, my plant always get 50-150 mg Ca. The carbonate hardness is odH 18 and total harnedd is odH 23 Is that enough for the plants life cycle? Could use of calmag result in overdosing Ca, resulting in some...

    Second Balcony grow. Auto Ultimate, Blueberry Berry

    Season is starting so i popped my beans 4 days ago.Planted them a set them to 24 cycle in my "prep room". Three beans of Auto ultimate by Dutch Passion. Three beans of Blueberry Berry by Bulk Seed Bank Soil Plagron grow mix Grandma's homemade bio compost Perlite Nutrients General Organics...
  12. A4

    MYTH: Water pH Relates to Medium pH

    The pH is a measurement of the hydrogen ions (H+) and the hydroxide ions (OH-) in a solution such as water. The range of pH is from ‘0’ (very acidic: the concentration of H+ ions is higher than the concentration of OH-) to ‘14’ (very basic: the concentration of OH- ions is higher than the...
  13. steelrat

    Interesting interview about water.

    He mentions some interesting experiments, some with amazing results : All the best, steely