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white widow auto

  1. Weeks 11 and 12 in the Aerogardens (white widow auto)

    Weeks 11 and 12 in the Aerogardens (white widow auto)

    Looks like Frieda, the 11 week old in the larger model (Farm 12XL) has not only caught up but surpassed her older sister Sadie. Her leaves started falling off sooner and she has more amber pistils. I have a loupe on order as what I bought (looks like a little microscope) is just too hard to...
  2. Weeks 10 and 11 in Aerogardens (white widow auto)

    Weeks 10 and 11 in Aerogardens (white widow auto)

    Got my extra grow lights just in time. Looks like the growth has finally slowed down and the buds are starting to fatten up. I did have to trim off a handful of yellowing fan leaves towards the bottom. Looking forward to seeing what happens this week. If all goes well, Sadie will be going...
  3. Weeks 8 and 9 in the Aerogardens

    Weeks 8 and 9 in the Aerogardens

    The bud development on both my girls has been really good this last week. Sadie is on week 9 and Freida is on week 8. I'm following the nutrient schedule as outlined in aeroweed.info. This week was the first week I didn't add Micro Flora Grow to Sadie's water so I'm looking forward to some...
  4. indicalla

    My First Grow. Finally. Feedback appreciated!

    I tried using the Grow Journal feature, but I really just prefer a linear thread, so I'm going to move my first grow stuff here. Lights: Mars-Hydro SP3000 (300 watts, Dr. Coco sold me on this) Tent: 2x4x6 Air Movement: AC Infinity Cloudline T4 (passive intake, AC infinity carbon filter), two...
  5. OG-GeMann

    VPD: The Final Stages Of Life

    Lets talk about VPD in flower, Am I supposed to follow VPD when in flower. (the final 2 weeks) humidity 30-40% temps 70-75F will give me a VPD of 1.5-1.65 {leaf temps -2,-3 cooler} that would be on the high end. do I keep the temp/RH or try to follow VPD. {just in flower} what about if running...
  6. OG-GeMann

    sohum soil for autoflowers

    I have been doing some research on what soil is good for auto flowers because I am on my 3rd auto grow and all tree of them shows the same nutrient deficiency in all 3 grows. My personal opinion is that autos and their short VEG to FLOWER stage has a lot to do with it. "The soil is to hot" is...
  7. White Widow Autos

    White Widow Autos

    I was doing routine maintenance and cleaning the tent so I brought them out {OH MY BACK}, so I took some pictures of them to show off they are going on 8 wks from seed, 4 wks in flower. they average 34-36 inches tall, I have a short one that I didn't do any training to. been feeding them dry...
  8. Predators


    Those nasty marijuana hating bugs dosnt stand a chance with my Predator Enforcement Team {PET},.... I really don't have a pest problem.....:baked::vibe:
  9. UDDATE: On Sick !!!GIRLS!!!

    UDDATE: On Sick !!!GIRLS!!!

    This was a grower error: I didn't check to see if the water line was actually feeding water through it just assumed, but was I wrong this is what happens to plant that thought got watered but didn't MY FAULT!!! Hope that I can get her to recover from my mistake 2-3 weeks flower. did a lite mist...
  10. OG-GeMann


    This was a grower error: I didn't check to see if the water line was actually feeding water through it just assumed, but was I wrong this is what happens to plant that thought got watered but didn't MY FAULT!!! Hope that I can get her to recover from my mistake 2-3 weeks flower. did a lite mist...
  11. OG-GeMann


    thoughts on this: The discoloration on one just one of the girls. 75-78 degrees light on, 64-69 light off, humidity 50%....Light HLG 600 rspec height at the time was 20" now its at 24" at 70% brightness....:vibe:
  12. Discoloration


    Should I be worried about the discoloration on just one on them. Personally I think it from her having cooler temps at night 64F {18C} or could it be from my lights it a HLG 600 Rspec it does have a dimmer switch I have it set 70% not sure there's no % on it so I am going by all way to the right...
  13. OG-GeMann

    Indoor Grow !!!GIRLS ARE SICK!!!

    thinking 2 of my girls are sick, temperature at 78-80f {26-27c} lights on, 68-70f {20-21c} lights off with a 45-50% humidity. Last time they was watered was 3 days ago, last feeding was on the 4th Formula 2: Bud/Bloom 2-4 weeks depending on light and water consumption the soil is still moist not...
  14. The New Light

    The New Light

    HLG 600 Rspec:
  15. The New Set-Up

    The New Set-Up

    Made this to save time watering them and my back
  16. Minime2020

    How to yeild and good yeild?

    Hi just a quick question, How to get large buds, my first grow has 2weeks left on one plant and 3-4weeks on the other, I use bluple lights and have a small 40*40*120cm tent, I use 3gallon fab pots, Coco coir, Canna nuits target of EC 1.6 and pH 5.8-6.0 But my question is how to get large buds...
  17. IMG_20210208_190747.jpg


    First grow this is a auto jack in flower and and white widow just going into flower and looking a little thirsty
  18. fading fast

    Completed fading fast

    Is it true the this particular strains( white widow auto) trichomes stays cloudy and it will not turn amber, or is this statement is false. Am I supposed to wait for the fan leaves fade then die to harvest them. They are 10 weeks,2 days from seed..... ?????:55: here are some pics of them: they...
  19. OG-GeMann

    Completed White Widow autoTrichomes

    Is it true that the white widow auto trichomes dosnt get amber and that I should wait for the fan leaves to fade. I have 4 ladies that are at 10 weeks,2 days from seed. They are fading and the trics are still clear. What should I do wait another week or two. Here are some pics: #3: #4: #2 #1
  20. B

    No Trichomes!!!

    Not my first grow but by no means an expert... I have a White widow Auto, from Seedsman. 11 weeks and 5 days. Looks healthy enough and never had any issues apart from when it was a seedling and looked a bit mutant, .....although the leaves have always been unusually dark. The issue is I can't...