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white widow autoflower

  1. Weeks 8 and 9 in the Aerogardens

    Weeks 8 and 9 in the Aerogardens

    The bud development on both my girls has been really good this last week. Sadie is on week 9 and Freida is on week 8. I'm following the nutrient schedule as outlined in aeroweed.info. This week was the first week I didn't add Micro Flora Grow to Sadie's water so I'm looking forward to some...
  2. IMG_20210214_124451.jpg


    White widow and Jack herer both autos grown in Coco and canna nuitriants
  3. rayguess11

    Gorilla Glue - White Widow - Coco Loco - First Grow

    Hello to everyone reading this. This is not only my first ever thread but the very first time growing. I've done only minor research online and watched a lot of Youtube. Germinated each seed via the wet paper napkin method roughly a day apart from each other. 3 Seeds total 1x White Widow from...
  4. OG-GeMann

    New Here

    hello everyone I am new and I wanted to start a journal of my grow with 4 White Widow autos, they are going on 10 weeks Here are some pics of them: these were taken on 12/17/2020
  5. O

    Are my babies sick?

    Hi. I'm a first time grower and we're about 50 days old and starting to flower. White Widow with a '2000 w LED' They look sick/droopy to me, but I have no idea what I'm looking for really. I think maybe I'm underwatering... How much would you water a plant these size in a 5 gallon bucket...
  6. Grows

    Day 63 of my Auto grow. Why are they not fattened up yet?

    This is my 2nd grow. let me know what you think. my first grow was 6 Earlymiss auto's by CKS these are 4 White Widow & 3 Amnesia Haze auto's by CKS aswell. last grow day 60 they were more mature I feel tho. heres some pics from day 62.