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  1. wwwillie

    WWWillie grows some Beast Mode Autos!

    Hey Now, Boy am I excited to get a chance at these. Got them in the dirt just tonight. For this grow I have 5 gal felt pots filled with NTFG #4 soil with a bit of seedling mix in the center for an easy start for the seed. I put the seed straight in the dirt. I soaked the soil with water and...
  2. wwwillie

    WWWillie and the Wand

    Hey Now! Wow I’m really behind here, so sorry! I have the wand in my tent. Such a silly arse stoner thing, I’ve had my tents for a while now, 5 years or so. I could have sworn they were 4x4, I mean that’s what I had been calling it. It’s 39”x39” a whole 11 inches shorter!! The wand is about 48”...
  3. wwwillie

    Folux Solutions Folux Solutions - AFN Communal Fall 2018 Test Thread

    Hey Now! Here we are the test crew for Folux Solutions Helios FH-120K LED Grow Kit! How cool is that!! Please join me, WWWillie, @Prophetiko and @Dudeski as we grow with these lights and give them a good AFN test run!
  4. wwwillie

    Harvest Gold Silica WWWillie ‘fesses up, could not test.

    Hey Now, I have to admit defeat with HGS. I have nothing to report. I filled two 5 gal pots with the sample. That worked out to the desired mix. I had six pots I was working with. Only two pots after 4 attempts sprouted anything. This was a hard time for me as I tried to germ 4 times, out of...
  5. wwwillie

    VVVille und the Vaporizor - I test the AirVape X

    wwwillie submitted a new Showcase Item: Vvville Und The Vaporizor - I Test The Airvape X Read more about this showcase item here...
  6. wwwillie

    WWWillie and the Electric Sky

    Hey Now! Oh my I am slobbering all over the keyboard I am so F'n excited. My package from The Green SunShine Company arrived today. Man that was a heavy box. I'll post more about it later but for now here is my video for your enjoyment!!
  7. wwwillie

    WWWillie and the Mega Crop

    Hey Now! Greenleaf Nutrients’s Mega Crop, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about it. Now I have been given the opportunity to try it out for myself. Pretty cool, thanks for allowing me to be a part. My package came today, efficient, discrete, just how you would want. Now what am I going to do...
  8. wwwillie

    Genius Pipe WWWillie is a genius!

    wwwillie submitted a new Showcase Item: Wwwillie Is A Genius! Read more about this showcase item here...
  9. wwwillie

    Prism Lighting Science CMH Test grow - 2018

    Yowza Yowza Yowza!! Step right up folks. Welcome to the Prism Lighting Science CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) test thread. Watch as our intrepid test crew puts these beauties to the test. It's gonna be great! Our test Crew: @wwwillie @Clix @Johnny Quest @Ash-a-Ton @dankstyle J @Unique @db003...
  10. wwwillie

    WWWillie Grows

    Hey Now! Welcome to WWWillie grows. I want this to be my blog if you will. I was recently kicked off Face Book. I had a nice blog going there and was really enjoying myself and making friends and updates. I must have pissed off someone as I came on one morning to find myself shut out. I tried to...
  11. Mossy

    Mephisto First Leg LAST PHOTO CALL

    Mephisto Grower of the Year 2018 Contest Open. Standard Growbattle Rules apply. Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2018. Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers with Mephisto seeds. First leg starts 1st Feb and is open to all comers..top 5 go through to the Champion of Champion Battle...
  12. wwwillie

    Pulse Labs Tester Group

    Hey Now! Here we are, the test crew for the Pulse Labs equipment, AKA the Pulse Nano and the Pulse App. Meet the test crew: @wwwillie @pop22 @nizmoKush @db003 @Clix Stay tuned, going to be some interesting things happening as we test out this nifty and wonderful tool for our gardens
  13. Royalrick

    Royalrick's Mephisto Grower of the year 2017 Grow Battle

    This is my Mephisto Grower of the year 2017 competition plant. I got my seed and was started on this site by @Pops . So here goes Mephisto Genetics A vs T: Sprouted on 9/10/17 Grow space: 2x2x4 tent r/h 40-60% temp 70-78F Soil: Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Vegetables and Herbs 0.09 - 0.05 -...
  14. wwwillie

    WWWillie and the Clones

    Hey Now! Fired up the TurboKlone and have some ready for the dirt. Thought I would start a journal to track my progress. I have three girls that I like so I will be cloning them regularly. I have a Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold, a tangilope and an unknown. It is either Dream machine from...
  15. wwwillie

    WWWillie - COBs on the cheap or Such a deal!

    Hey now! This is pretty cool so I just had to share it with you guys. I just got into COB LED lighting on 4/20 this year and it's all @BigSm0 's fault. He was on site with a contest for one of his AutoCOB lights. I did not win but I did fall in love with them. So much so that I jumped on the...
  16. wwwillie

    WWWillie builds himself some COB lighting.

    Hey now! Going to start a build journal. I have almost everything I need to build except the time. Hopefully starting this journal will provide some motivation to find the time! Here's what I have. 4 Citizen CLU048-1212 90CRI (got these on sale as they are a bit off spec.) 1 Meanwell...
  17. wwwillie

    Medicinal use for marijuana confirmed: CBD helps kids with rare epilepsy

    Hey Now! Just came across this article on my tech forum. Scientifically sound double blind studies... https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/05/marijuana-component-reduces-seizures-in-kids-with-rare-form-of-epilepsy/ Here is the article:
  18. wwwillie

    WWWillie and The COBS

    Hey Now! So here I am, I had been off the site for a bit, life gets in the way you know... Just about 420 day I came back and jumped right in to Live Stoner Chat, the deep end indeed. That's where I ran into @BigSm0 and his "Autocobs". He was having a contest for a giveaway and right then I...
  19. wwwillie

    WWWillie and his medical card or How I became legal in Massachusetts.

    It's been a while, but I can remember most of it pretty clearly. Almost 15 years ago I had to give up using cannabis. My ex decided that she either wanted to make me even more miserable of just keep my children away from me... Regardless in order to see my kids I had to pass drug tests. I...
  20. wwwillie

    Vermont legalizes recreational today (well almost)

    The legislature voted today to allow recreational use for folks over 21. Here is an article from my political blog Dailykos We are getting there!! Add Vermont to the list. That should make NINE!!!