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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Mossy

    ZEN Seed Grower off 2018 Battle first leg 1st Feb 2018

    ZEN Seed Grower of the Year 2018 First leg starts 1st February 2018. Details as they come in... Thread Open for names..:headbang: @Prophetiko will be your Battle Leader...:amazon:..
  2. Raoul Duke

    Raoul-Duke grows Zen Seeds - Snow Queen Auto

    I ordered 7 Black Widow Autos and 7 Snow Queen Autos, which I received very quickly, thank you Zen Seeds! So many strains to try, so little room, so we're starting with one Snow Queen for now. This thread will keep track of that progress. Lights/Schedule: 150-200W DIY COBS at 20/4. (may go 22/2...
  3. TheMongol

    Mon does the Automatic Version of the Legend G 13 Project

    I'm thankfull that AFN gave me the opportunity to grow this legendary Danish strain called G13 Project! To be honest i never heard of this strain before, but the web tells amazing things of it and Seedfinder announced the G 13 Project is one of the best strains of the world:headbang: So i feel...