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  1. Express Winter Session - Week 2

    Express Winter Session - Week 2

    They are doing well,drinking well,everything is good.Just a little bit of heath stress for 5gal Blue Dream and CBD Crack.But they are both healthy. Feeding for week 2 : 1ml/lt Cocos AB + 1ml/lt Calmag Looks like coco coir is very airy,pots tend to dry faster,I water them every 2-3 days (3 at...
  2. S

    Harvest or no

    so like most I love to grow indoor and outdoor not to good with when to harvest this auto to first time growing autos got some Zkittlez auto going they are on day 89 I check trichomes with a scope and still can’t tell cause it’s still growing more fresh buds I’ve been waiting since day 65 to see...
  3. Columbo

    My Autos

    This is a group of some of my Autoflowers, Zkittez, Pink Kush CBD 30:1, Wipeout, Cream Cookies, Bublelicious, and some younger starts, Heavy Weight Seeds - High Density Auto. All of these are Autoflower in 2 gal grow bags, with Miracle Grow potting soil. Looking very good on my end. I found it...
  4. Stellabud

    Indoor Grow Telos 008 Grow trained vs untrained

    Currently on day 24 only just worked out how to start my own thread so have posted a few pics so far! Zkittlez OG barneys farm grown in airpots under telos008. Watch this space...
  5. temp_5XcJYtuV

    Herb Beanz Magical indoor medical jungle!

    Seeds: - BlackBerry, Zkittles, Tangiematic (Fastbuds) -Moby Dick XXL, Moby Dick (Dinafem) -Fugue State, 3Bears OG, Illuminauto Sweet and Sour (Mephisto Genetics) - Zkittles OG, Glue Gelato (Barneys) -60 DAY Lemon Skunk (DNA) -Early Miss, White Widow Crop King Seeds (freebies) -Turbo Diesel Auto...
  6. NiceOption

    Nice Option's Garden of Intergalactic Delights

    Good day fellow growers, stoners and autoflowering enthusiasts :toke: Welcome to my new thread. This will be an attempt at something that resembles a perpetual(ish) rotating(ish) tent of medicinal flowers. Previous efforts can be viewed here This tent will differ slightly as previously I was...
  7. scottylt1

    Photoperiod Grow It's all about the taste! multi strain mouthwatering madness

    Hey there folks . Time to show my grow. As the title says, it is all about the taste so I've found some of the tastiest out there and staggered them so they're all at different stages. Featuring Glueberry OG Sweet deep grapefruit Purps#1 Mazari Grape Pineapple express NL 2 X NL5 Spumoni...