10 Reasons why choose Mars Hydro grow tents

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Mars Hydro


Canna grower
Mar 31, 2017
Ok folks i just up my new 4x8 mars hydro tent. Discreetly packaged. Easy instructions great diagram. Had the tent up and ready in about 15-20 mins with a helper. If it was my first tent rising it may have taken an extra minute or two. Very nice quality tent. Had to get some going to fill it now. Big girl to the left mango smile mephisto tester then synergy automatic genetics chimp glu half eaten but still killin it then super orange haze another mephisto tester. In the cups we have 3 synergy automatic genetics (SAG) glu scout cookies one white widow cbd haze by healing path genetics (HPG) and out of the picture but about to pop after two days in coco from fridge no soak or paper towel ms. Phoenix seeds super Kush. I’m thinking that should fill the tent.
Mars Hydro