1st autos ever!! Royal dwarf -RQS & Blue Dream'matic-FastBudz the under $200 version

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Apr 16, 2019
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Yeah broham. I agree with these two. If you are in soil they don't really need fed period for a couple weeks. Even soil with barely any nutes ,like black gold, doesn't need anything from what I have seen of other people talking about it. The edges looks a little burnt. I would also recommend a flush and go from there. Autos only need a very little dose of nutes, I started at 1/4 strength and just started at 1/3 strength today but that was close to 2.5 weeks into my grow. Just be careful with them like a baby, because they will go into flower and finish at their predetermined time no matter how bigger they are. So anything that stunts growth will be correlated directly to yield. Stunted growth=lower yield period. It may be those nutes you are using too, I don't know about your finance situation but some good grow nutes will set you back less than $40, that will get you through a couple grows. I know I had a hard time not force feeding nutes, but too much is worse than not enough. Watch them they will tell you what they need.


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May 10, 2019
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Thanks @STILLSMOKIN and @Illini4life I've not used any nutes recently I did try it over a week ago but they are now on day 18 from seed so day 16 from sprout I've pulled my light up higher and added couple 2700k led lamp bulbs to hopefully help get them to stretch a tad bit there is plenty of new growth on the branch sites I mean plenty but no caylxs showing so not hit that flowering stage hopefully not for another 3 weeks


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Oct 11, 2013
This morning early pics lol View attachment 1065600 View attachment 1065601 View attachment 1065602 View attachment 1065603 they sure did change from last night's pics let me know what y'all think and the yellowing one os transplanted and starting to show new growth with barely any yellowing other than the tips
What appears as nute burn may be the result of nute lockout from being 2 wet, causing potassium def. I use solo insta transplanters. I transplant @10D from seed in soil and never see transplanting shock. I'm used to watering fabric pots and had to learn how little moisture is needed ina solo! .........................
The inner pot plants directly into soil. @10D roots never exposed! You can read a lot about this method.....Forums page....scroll down to Guides and tutorials.
Does any one know bout how long the dwarfs actually take from seed to harvest
Best to use catalog descriptions of strains a a rough guide. Plants are individual, grow setups are individual, growers are individual, lots of variables. I use the days of grow numbers as an indication of whether a strain is fast or slow. The individual plant takes what ever time it takes. I've found I can work around, correct, most stresses I heap on my girls. Recovery does eat time! So, less stress is always the goal for me.

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Apr 10, 2019
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Its a bit hard to see in the pic but i think its definitely closer to 6 than 7. In theory thats in a decent range i think.