2016 BOM/POM Winners Head to Head Throwdown.....

  • MTOM rules:
    - When submitting phase opens, you are authorized to upload up to a maximum number of medias (configured by the admin).
    - Once submitting phase ends, voting phase starts and you will be able to vote for your preferred media.
    - At the end of the voting phase, the winner will be awarded !


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Jan 8, 2015
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What's up AFN.... I'm pleased to announce we will bring back the end of the year
head to head battle royal between all of the winners you as a community have chosen in 2016. :d5:
Once the winners for November and December have been chosen this poll will be
completed and open for the community to decide who will be the
King or queen of cannabis on the Autoflower Network for 2016.:headbang:

It's all still in the works so no early announcement but I can say whoever wins this shootout
will be rewarded handsomely. We're talking an awesome Shiney new badge to show the true champion of AFN for 2016. Seeds from all of your favorite autoflower breeders. Tons of rep slaps from globals and the community. And we'll see what else may have fallen out of Santa's sleigh :drool:
Like a sweet Amare Technologies
Solar Spec 150

That's right if your growing the finest plants on AFN you might as well be doing it under some of the finest lights available


I have noticed some of the winners have not been around for a while. I will tag all winners here in this thread. The winner must check in with me BEFORE THE COMP BEGINS or that plant will be excluded from the comp. Can't give a bunch of cool free gear away to someone who's not here now can we.

Stick around and watch this space. More updates coming soon.

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