2019 Final Leg - Girl Scout Cookies - Frogster Grow

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May 25, 2016
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This will be my Official Grow Journal for the "Final Leg - 2019" Autoseeds Battle.

Thanks @Autoseeds.com for supplying the seeds for this grow.

One of my all time favorites, but I have never grown the "AutoSeeds" variety before.

Seeds arrived today.


Waiting for the "Pre Germ" Date before wetting seeds.

This will be a 3 plant grow
1 x Girl Scout Cookies" will share a tent & environment with 2 other "Battle Plants" of different strains & seedbanks, however this journal will focus on this plant.


Battle Equipment Setup


2.4mt x 1.2mt x 2mt (Green Qube 1224)
Ventilation / Intake
Outside Air from Ground Level >>> Wall Hole Entrance with Bug Screen >>> Ducting >>> 5" Systemair High Volume Fan >>> (Enter Tent) 5" Ducting >>> Diffuser
Filtration / Exhaust
8" Rhino Pro Carbon Filter (800m/3) >>> Reduced to 6" Duct >>> High Velocity Systemair 6" (720m/3) >>> (Exit Tent) Acoustic Ducting >>> Wall Exit.
Main Lighting
(for this grow)
8 x 3500k - 55wt Auto Cobs (@BigSm0 - Cobshop) with reflectors, as needed.
Reserve Emergency Lighting
600w 400v Dual HPS & 600w Mars Hydro LED (old style)
Environmental Control
Evolution Fan / Temp / Rh Controller
4ft Tower oscillating fan
Assorted other clip fans etc
Humidifier / Fogger with variable level, pumps cooling fog to plants
Home Built Humidifier / De-Humidifier Controller
Pulse One, Environmental logger.
V20 Air Pump
2000wt Oil fFlled Radiator, Tube Heaters and backup fan heater
Medium Etc
Autopot system, Dual Grow & Bloom Res Ferro Nutrients (Regional Adjusted) Addatives:- Charge,,Plant Magic Mycorrhizae, Mammoth P,
Airdomes, Water Res Pump, Canna Terra Pro Soil, Clay Pebbles, Additional Perlite, Other Bits & Bobs.

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Feb 23, 2017
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Subbed up, for sure. GSC is also a favorite strain. Like you, I've never grown the "AutoSeeds" variety before. Have mostly recently branched out to explore derivatives, such as Cream Cookies (Fastbuds) and Forgotten Cookies (Mephisto). Current running Dinafem's Cookies in the Solo Cup grow. I'll be following your grow here with great interest. Best of outcomes. :biggrin: