2stoned2care and hansbricks auto pot grow off


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Jan 7, 2016
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Oh yeah baby now we are talking @Hansbricks lets get this on bro.I dont want to beat you to much but this autopot noob got a few new tricks up his sleeve for this grow,i hope your ready because its time for the master to be taught by the pupil.as you will notice in my setup is am going to try plagron nutes for this grow,never seen it used and its dirt cheap so lets see.we will be growing DP AUTO NIGHT QUEEN :d5:

setup is as follows

Tent=50x100x180 lighthouse max
Light=200w diy citizen clu-48-1212s cobs 4000k
Fan/filter=rhino pro carbon filter,rhino single speed extraction fan,6inch desk fan
Heater=80w 2 foot tube heater
Medium=plagron light mix
Nutes=plagron grow+plagron bloom+pk 13/14
Pots=1 pot 15ltr autopot system
Pumps=hdom 600l/h adjustable submersible water pump,hdom 324l/h adjustable air pump.


Really looking forward to this my friend :pass:

@IzzyTheGrower @autobeast @Wile e Peyote @A-Train @HemiSync @Bailey @BigSm0 @XxxAuto @Frogster @Sensi Jay @Dudeski @sanguine @BudsLover forgot loads of people but come pull up a chair for this one guys,should be quite a show :devil::devil::devil:


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Jan 8, 2015
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I'm subbed. This is gonna be a good one. I still have the automotive system but it's in my closet and I scared to try again right now lol. I have really came a long way dialing in my current hand feed and I botched the automotive grow last time. I'm pretty confident that with using promix instead of coco I would be successful but man I can't afford another 60 day failure