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3 weeks cure and still a lot moisture


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Jul 20, 2021
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Hi everyone !

I end my third week of cure and still 62 to 65 RH depending on the jar. I'm a bit anxious about since the smell isn't so bad but not so good either.

I jeep burping once a fait for several minutes. Thé room where i store my jars like the rest of thé house is quite humid, about 60 to 65...

Is there someone here who knows this sort of situation and could tell what should i do...

Thanks everyone !


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Sep 15, 2016
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@Elwindo :welcome:Welcome to AFN:welcome: 65 RH in the jar is a little high but you should be ok for preventing mold problems. If your house is at 65 you will not be able to get it any drier by just opening the jars. It will not smoke very well at 65 RH but it will press into rosin ok. It may help to add Boost 58 to the jars to absorb some of the moisture.

As far as the Aroma it will cure slower at the higher RH but you will need to have grown buds with a good terpene profile to start. New growers have a hard time achieving this. It requires good genetics, good nutrition, good environmental control through out the grow and a proper lighting spectrum to include UVA and UVB.