Indoor Grow 4 Assed Monkey + Alien vs Triangle + BTS (New Grower)

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Jun 20, 2017
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New grower here! I've been a longtime lurker on this forum and learned so much! Am truly grateful for all of you who share your grows and knowledge, and I would like to contribute back to the community.

I've done a couple VERY casual Mephisto grows in the past few years. It consisted of a couple of plants in 5gal fabric pots under a 45w LED light in a closet. I moved them during the day to get sun on an outdoor deck.

The plants didn't get huge, but I gave them lots of love and as much sunshine as possible. Thanks to Mephisto's clearly superb quality of genetics (and growing outside in Southern California): the flower was sublime (did a 3BOG, Deep Blue C, AvT and DG).

Maybe I will post the pics from those super noob grows another time. Today's thread is all about my very first tent grow which, after moving houses to the Midwest, I finally have the space to be able to do! :woohoo:

Let's get into it.

Grow Setup:

2 Seeds: 4 Assed Monkey and Alien vs Triangle

Tent: VIVOSUN 48"x24"x60" (2' x 4') Tent

Light: Niello 600W COB LED from Amazon (3 bulb fixture)

Container/Medium: 5 gal fabric pots filled with Ocean Forest Happy Frog and additional Mykos added, with about 2-3 inches of clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot to aid in aeration down there (saw it in another grow).

Scent Control: iPower 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan w/ Carbon Filter (hopefully it's enough, if not oh well.. I'm in a legal state)

Nutrients: I'm keeping it simple in this regard because if there's one thing I've learned here it's less is sometimes more (though some will disagree). I have some generic bloom nutes from Amazon, some leftover Fox Farms Big Bloom, and some Advanced Nutrients CalMag. I'll probably add in minimal microdose amounts of these later on in the grow (other dosage recommendations welcome).

There's all the background info and setup.

Now the rest of this thread here is my log of Day 0 – Day 8:

Day 0 -
July 26, 2019
  • Soaked seeds in distilled water for 36 hours until they cracked (they actually had some lil tails)
  • Planted in 5 gallon pots in plastic solo cups, with a little plastic bag on top
  • Placed pots under light
  • Soil was moist and airy, but not wet. I watered it 3 days before and mixed it around before planting.
Day 1 - July 29, 2019
  • Both seedlings are now 2-3 inches above the soil (they probably sprouted yesterday but I first saw them up today, forgot to photograph them, I know I know)
  • Soil was still moist so I didn't add any water
  • Took little plastic bag (makeshift humidity dome) off the cup
Day 5 - August 2, 2019
  • Got a temp/humidity monitor. Temperature in tent - 72F, Humidity - 50%
  • Gave a very light watering in concentric circles around the pot and a dash of water into the solo cup to keep soil from being too dry
About the water, they are each getting different types of water.

AvT - I'm using tap water left out 24 hours for the AvT, the Ph read 7 on it, maybe a little over, so hopefully the soil buffers it into what I've heard is the ideal 6.5.

4AM - The buddy I'm growing with wanted to test out watering the 4AM with distilled structured water. Structured water? I didn't know about it either. Look up structured water, it's kind of like treating your water so it acts as a crystal. He's more into that stuff than I am but I'm sure some of you guys are into giving your plants spiritual good vibes too so give it a Google, I think there are some grows comparing water vs structured water.

**Finally....some pictures of the babies!**

4 Assed Monkey


Alien vs Triangle


Group shot: (4AM in the middle, AvT on the right)


P.S. The little sunken girl on the far left is a Nirvana Blue Mystic Autoflower that I started in the solo cup, with the bottom cut off, in another solocup. It sunk down when I transplanted it into the 5 gal fabric pot (le oops) but hey, let's let it grow. We're not here to stress out...we're here to have fun and grow some pot to smoke! :peace:

Won't be documenting Blue Mystic here as this is the Mephisto forum and I respect the fuck out of those guys way too much to say anything more to highlight their competition :D

Ok, let's fast forward to Day 8. I'll bet these suckers are HUGE by now... ;-)

Day 8 - August 5, 2019
  • They're not huge
  • Soil was on the verge of too dry (probably moist at the bottom) so I did a good drench of tap water on AvT and distilled structured water on 4AM (hopefully not too much, I held back- I swear!)
  • Temp - 71F, Humidity - 52%
4 Assed Monkey



Alien vs Triangle


Alright, that's a wrap for now! Watch this one, I WILL be back with updates! Looking forward to your thoughts :cheers:
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Feb 23, 2017
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Off to a great start. Very nicely documented. I recently grew AVT & 4AM last year -- both great strains, you won't be disappointed. :smoking:


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Jun 20, 2017
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Thanks for the kind words, I’m very excited as you could probably tell!

Day 13 - Aug. 10, 2019

Update: couldn’t help but sprout another 4AM and a Bluetoof special pheno I received as a freebie in my order of 4AM. They are now planted in smaller pots (2gal).

So now we have 5 plants in our little basement 2’x4’ tent. If it gets too crowded we can move one outside. Maybe move the little blue mystic on the far left which is so close to clearing the top of the cup, but no cigar :)

Group shot:


  • The top of the soil was a bit too dry but pots were still heavy/moist.
  • Until today have not misted or got water on the seedlings yet, but it’s not very humid in the grow room. Did a sprinkle of water to wet top of soil, less than 1L across the 3 plants and a dash in the solo cups.
  • Turned light off while the plants dry to avoid leaf burn, so no pink purple pics below this time
  • Temp 71F Humidity 52%
We are doing great:



Hope your own seedlings are as off to a great start as these ones are [HASHTAG]#grateful[/HASHTAG]


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Jan 19, 2016
I'm gonna sub up for the ride since you are growing bts I wanna see how yours turns out vs mine. I want to see what you think of it.
Looks like you're doing a great job so far
You and I both grow in the same amount of space. You're going to have a jungle so be prepared to make sure you have an even canopy by adjusting the heights of the plants if different sizes by adding like milk crates or something to keep it even. I used the crates 2 litre coke bottles come in to keep some of my smaller strains closer to the lights to keep an even canopy. But I personally am of the type that thinks it's best to try to hedge your bets at first. Make sure you take the time to read each plant... and keep good air flow. I have 5 (yes fove) 4 inch clip fans running in my tent at all times if I'm doing dwc or soil. I can fit 8x3gallon air pots in my space but some strains branch out more some dont. So you may need to move some into different spots too to even out the space so all the buds get lights... but ita doable. I could easily reach 500g every 3 months in that same space when I had it going well with a perpetual auto grow. So it's definitely attainable... just be ready for the smell with lots of plants.
Keep it up!


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Jun 20, 2017
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Thanks so much for the info/suggestions @MissUniverse - WOW 500g every 3 months? Might have to switch to 8 x 3 gallon pots and try it your way for the next grow!

I have one clip fan in there, and one intake fan near the bottom of the tent, but sounds like another clip fan might be a good idea. And I'll definitely make sure to work on keep the canopy even between plants.

Honestly, I am slightly concerned about the smell because my 4in fan / carbon filter is venting back into the grow room which is tucked out of the way in a room in the basement. Hopefully, it being tucked away down there helps the smell stay contained somewhat. If smell does get bad all I can do is just take steps to reduce it and try putting some Ona gel upstairs in the house...I'm sure drying the harvest will be real stinky too so am trying to plan ahead for keeping that manageable...any suggestions welcome.


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Jun 20, 2017
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Open question to all: Should I be cross-posting this thread on the Mephisto Lovers Reddit as well? Is pretty much everyone on the Reddit also active here or is it worth posting in both?

And for those who are interested, I dug up a picture from my 2nd closet-outdoor deck grow before getting a tent. It's an AvT I totally stunted by giving too much water and nutrients during pre-flowering...but guess what? It still yielded exactly 28 grams of dense lemon-lime skunk pine flavored/smelling buds that were the perfect anytime smoke

The takeaway here for other new growers is: even if you mess up your plant a bit by not doing everything right, you can still get a potentially great harvest depending on the dont be discouraged and finish it to see.


I'll post the 3BOG I grew next time once I dig that pic up.

Back to the future...

Day 15 - August 12, 2019

These babies were thirsty today and were given a good drink. And we found our first grower error ;-) In a vain attempt to give these pre-pubescent seedlings more light than they actually needed we lowered our 600W cob to about 12 inches above them...OOPS! It needed to be 24" above them and was moved to that position. Lesson learned.

Pre-watering Temp: 72F Humidity: 47%

In the pics below you can see their response to the light being too close coupled with low humidity in the pots and grow tent: Their first leaf set after the cotelydon leaves are curling a bit..but hey, would life and growing be as beautiful if everything always went absolutely perfectly all the time!? (ok, maybe it would)

I don't think they are too hurt by it and were watered in time.

4AM Pre-Watering:

AvT Pre-Watering:

Post-Watering Temp: 64F (tent was left open while they dried) Humidity: 64%

4AM Post-Watering:

AvT Post-Watering:

Group shot (still no new 4AM + BTS sprouts):

AvT is growing faster/bigger than the rest...

4AM is doing this bendy thing begging to be LST' you think we should?
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Jul 28, 2019
Off to a good start - nice. I'm going to follow your Mephisto journey with interest to see how the various strains compare. Good luck with the grow!
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Jun 20, 2017
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I'm also looking forward to seeing how the strains compare, thank you!

Short Update - Day 16 - August 13th, 2019

Next morning and the plants look better. A bit of leaf tip curling on the AvT but it may just show more sensitivity to the water in the pot, I'm sure once some evaporation happens it'll be looking tip top.

Temp 72F, Humidity 50%

(4AM on left, AvT on the right):

And do you see the little sprout in the back? Today is Day 1 for 4AM #2--
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Aug 16, 2019
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Looking good so far! Following along! I grew 3 4AM alongside 3 White Crack for my first indoor grow and my god the 4AM were some terp monsters. Like straight grape soda. One pheno had a gassy funk mixed in. I definately need to get myself some more beans and stockpile them lol.
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Mar 19, 2019
Welcome to the Network Soulflower!
Looking good thus far...
Keep the updates rolling... looking forward to some bountiful harvest pics in a couple months here.
I would love to have the space for the 2x4 tent size, but my 2x2 is keeping this household stocked.
Stay irie!
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