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Completed 420'z Auto Kush Grow :-)

Thread intro/Day 1


Life Begins At 420
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Jun 14, 2019
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The sweet taste of life :-)
(note: for convenience, this journal has been threadmarked...jus click on "reader mode" at the bottom-left of this or any other threadmarked post in order to skip over all extraneous commentz & view only the relevant updatez/picz ;) )



ok kidz, into the brave new world we go again, choo-choooo!! :jump: plz allow me to introduce Gracie Kush, named after me new pupper :biggrin: me figgered this time, if i named her after sumthin still alive, me might have a wee better luck, lol :rolleyes2: as previously stated over in me NL journal, Gracie is one of the tester beanz that mr b from female seedz was so gracious to send me in exchange for a grow journal, so here we gooooo! :yay:

this time, the soil is a 50/50 mix of happy frog & jus a reg ol' peat based potting soil, with xtra perlite added, and down the line, i'll be feeding with megacrop...the bean was put in to soak late this past saturday nite, and monday morn, with a lil nudge, she dropped & me put her straight into the dirt, bypassing the whole paper towel step, and she broke ground this morn, apprx 48 hrz later...so far, so good :thumbsup: i also went with a smaller pot this time, which me wanna say is a 1 gal, but may only be 3L :shrug: either way, me can already tell a smaller pot/plant is gonna be a lot ezier to manage, and coupled with a diff soil mix, me already feel fairly good about thingz ;) of course, good ol' lst will be gettin done, and i might g'head & top her as well, but dunno at what point...we'll see :shrug: all the rest is the same as me NL, with lightz at 18/6, tempz about 78-79f with lightz on & 50-60% rh

and well, not much more to report at this point, so lemme g'head & get all this tag silleeness outa the way, so we can get on down the track! :shooty:

(takez deeeeeep breath...) @gennaro-fs @Mr B. from Female Seeds @the green bandit @Steviestash @MissUniverse @Wawashell @baked in the bluegrass @archie gemmill @Weed Warrior @Rebel @Frankthetank @Arthur @EPDMGUY @DrewAuto @TxRebel @Machamillion @The^Dude @Illini4life @Trav*newgrower* @pugfarmer @EelGrows @Harry_Kovert @DarkStarMagnolia @FullAuto245 @Dan34475 @actionjackson512003 @JayGeeCanuck @SMOOTHseven @AltheGardener @Jraven @trailanimal

i'll tag more as me remember em, but see...

:baked: ppp

unnamed (3).jpg


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Sep 14, 2019
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That how u get more visitors bud?? Just tag every name u have ever seen along the way or spoke with?? Will be watching along. Btw if u had issue last time with Happy Frog why use again?:baked: