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(note: for convenience, this journal has been threadmarked...jus click on "reader mode" at the bottom-left of this or any other threadmarked post in order to skip over all extraneous commentz & view only the relevant updatez/picz ;) )

heya kidz, plz meet Janis...:toke:


yupper, good ol' Engine No.420 is switchin trackz again with a diff strain, and since such eventz will hopefully be ongoing now, me figgered rather than try & add a new diff link to me sig each time, i'd jus fire up an all-inclusive perpetual thread, so welcome all & here we go again, choo-choo! :headbang:

and to start it off, this time 'round, it'z Janis, a ww x bb from female seedz, and named after the one & only Janis Joplin, RIP :bow: she'z another of the freebie testerz that mr b at fs sent me in exchange for a journal...and well, as u can plainly see, not a whole lot is happening yet, lol, but me wanted to g'head & get the journal fired up at least, whilst the site lag seemz to be takin a break, so...:rolleyes2: the pic above is actually from yesterday around 1pm...i checked earlier at the 24 hr mark & she hazn't dropped yet...which is just as well, seein as how me still don't even have the dirt mixed up yet, haha :doh:

"the dirt" this time being the same 50/50 mix as i did with Gracie, me ongoing lil kush girl...if it ain't broke, don't fix it, so i'm again goin with half-happy frog & half-peat based potting mix, with xtra perlite tossed in for good meazure ;) she'll also be gettin put in a reg 3L plastic pot too...and well, at least in the beginning, due to lack of space until me cromag NL decide to finish, Janis will jus be sittin out in the open in me room with me other reg houseplantz, under a 100w equiv 6500k cfl, which will be plenty enuff to get her goin down the track :thumbsup: the only diff bein a 16/8 light schedule

so lemme get the tag silleeness outa the way & the next entry will be Day 1...and don't forget, drinkz & snackz are in Car 11 :joy: ppp

in no particular order... @gennaro-fs @the green bandit @AltheGardener @TxRebel @The^Dude @pugfarmer @archie space gemmill @Jraven @MoonUnit @Path1976 @Steviestash @hecno @Sabelter O Adoob @Epicxr @smokeyfromau @Machamillion @JayGeeCanuck @Green Hornet @Dan34475 @Wawashell @EPDMGUY @Arthur @Hardcorehlbrk @FullAuto245 @trailanimal @Vapo @Weed Warrior @DMHeights @EelGrows ...and anybody else that i'm spacin at the stoned moment :jointman: