A long awaited (mini) report.

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Ehh, bugger 'em! Bugger 'em all!
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Dec 7, 2012
I`ll start this by apologising to Stone for the long time wait.
When I first harvested these (little ladies, cos a small multi-pot deal was my way of testing!) girls, I have to admit being underwelmed. I found far too much aniseed in the flavour. The paki Ryder that I grew a much more flavorsome smoke (and at that initial stage of 3-4 weeks, 2 drying and 2 curing, I also thought potency was with the PKR!) After 7-8 moons, I have t`say that Stones gear has improved...immeasurably. This strain has a an all round loveliness of flavour and that the overall effect/potency has increased nicely! The PKR is still a great smoke and quite potent, but the SD has caught up (with a bit of the Sati, holding it`s own, it is still very Indi dom!). Now I should point out that I am a fussy clunt (been taking/imbibing Meds/weed/hash etc for quite a while). I was initially slightly dissapointed with my SD, but have put a `wine spin` on the whole scenario and have yet again realised I don`t know it all! lol. This strain really does `come together with time and understanding of `a decent, well done cure`! Smells include sherbert, exotic fruit fruit, sherbert and hints of `ol` school skunk` and the the aniseed has almost completely flucked off! Excellent effects (lasting 2-3 hours) and a lovely flavour (lots of fruit, a hint of hash...but no flucking aniseed!) Massive kudos to my Pal/Brother Stone for this strain (one of his earliest!), gawd only knows how good his latest stuff is! Cheers mate, I appreciate your talents bro. :hug: :Sharing One: