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Jul 29, 2014
Hello. I am so happy today. I've casually known an old man in his 80's for two years. I've never seen him without his oxygen bottle and I've never seen him smile, until today. I hadn't seen him in a few months but heard that he had gotten his cannabis card. A big leap for a man who, as a marine warrant officer had worked for the White House and never had so much as a ticket in his life. He had always been anti drug and cooled towards me last year when he learned that I smoked. He showed up today at an ongoing project I'm finishing and he walked in sporting a new beard and a big smile. No oxygen bottle. He wanted me to try the THC oil he gets for the vape they supplied him. I was already medicated but took a hit. It was ok but the story is about the new man that he became after finding THC.