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A simple guide to making Hash


Frankensteins Lab Leader
AFN Gladiator
Dec 15, 2013
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Finally built a screen today and did a little test. Wooo! Going to get the finer mesh built tomorrow! I'm using a combo of trim, males plants and flowered rejects that were too small/stunted to bother with. I've got at least a pound so whatever I get from it is fine with me, its all free!


Hey guys I wanted to post back my 3rd run with this method this time it was a little trim that I had left from my Swiss Cheese Auto that just finished. I did everything basically the same but this time I did not put it in news paper,soak then oven. Instead I put the hash in a pouch made from wax paper and then put it in my sock under the heel of my foot,put my shoes on and just walked with it for about 1 and 1/2 hours... and boof no mess and a nice tile of hash, here are some pics much luv guys and have a mellow day.
Swiss Hash 001.jpg
Swiss Hash 002.jpg
Swiss Hash 003.jpg
Swiss Hash 004.jpg
Swiss Hash 005.jpg
Swiss Hash 006.jpg
Swiss Hash 007.jpg
Swiss Hash 008.jpg



Sail the seas of green
Aug 9, 2016
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Hey AFN! :smokeout:

I spent most of today extracting kief and making some Sweet Cheese / Blueberry Hash. I used trim and bottom buds from my latest Sweet Cheese Auto grow and some DP AutoBlueberry I had left in the freezer..

I originaly only intended to post this in my grow journal bur saw that there were some topics asking for a simple way to make hash and i believe this to be the most simple way there is!

First off I collect all trim (bottom buds, and any small stuff i dont feel like smoking myself) and let it dry completely.

When its dry i put it into a plastic bag and set in the freezer for 48 hours.

Get your pantyhose out and, i use one of those rings used for baking sponge cakes, but anything like it will do. it makes control easier so you dont have trim all over yourself.. you'll get what i mean... and something to collect the kief in.

Thread the pantyhose onto what you choose to collect in. Mine fits perfectly but if you're using something smaller you can just tie the ends together to tighten the screen.

Take like a handfull or two of trim at a time and place within the ring n start drummin', rubbin' and workin' it against the screen. Theres no set period of time you should do this... but the longer the better!!

After a while you'll have something like this... However there is still a whole lot off plant material in this mix which we dont want..

pantyhose generally have tighter holes down the legs! So what we wanna do now is get a container and thread it through to around the "knee area"... should look something like this. . Now we have a much finer screen than before!!

Now use a spoon and put some of the materia on the new screen and care fso you dont spill any.. just use your spoon to move it around and drum gently.. eventually you'll be able to see that theres only plant stuff left and all the good stuff has fallen through. You loose over 90% off what you had before this step !

Should look something like this...

Gather it all up on some oven-paper

fold into something like a bag so you can gather it all on the bottom and pack it as much as you can

Fold it up...

I forget to take pics for the next steps but when you've gotten this.. turn the oven to 170C.. wrap newspaper around your package and tape it shut.. now soak it in water before placing it in the oven for 10 minutes. Take it out. Use a Rolling pin and apply as much force as you can and roll it against a hard surface for a few minutes, re-soak and repeat . Do this 2-3 times and then place the package in the fridge to cool off.

Now you should have a nice piece of Hash!

i got a really nice piece this run!! 15.3g!

Smooth smoke which completely knocked me out!

Hope this helps someone out! Any questions,, just ask!!
Peace! !!!
Cheers for this post man! Could you tell me approximately how much trim you used to get those 15 grams of hash?