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Rain Science Grow Bags About Rain Science Growbags


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Mar 28, 2020
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@Rain Science do u know what size autopot system your 3gal bags will fit. I love the clean white bags and want to keep using them but switch to autopot watering system. Also looking to switch to growpito
they will fit in the AutoPot XL, I have the rain science 5 gals and I am a little too large of fitting but make sure to get a potsock for the autopot to stop the roots from taking over your Aquavalve.


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Jul 18, 2018
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Would 2 Gallon bags fit into the smaller 3.6g AutoPot system? I would plan on going around the edges of the bags with panda plastic to make the res lightproof.

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Oct 10, 2020
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We are growers motivated by our passion for the plant... Quality first everything else will fall into place.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions
my Name is Sean, I am the owner I try to handle every customer personally when possible. But I also have an awesome team that may respond from time to time.

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 813-334-6739

Rain Science Growbags®
We are a Company who has developed a unique line of "Fabric type" Growbags. That are not fabric at all.

Our Root pruning bags are unique in the fact that they are made of plastic coated polyester. This special material is not spongy and will not absorb water like most traditional growbags. Our bags allow for more oxygen to your root zone, they are also resistant to algae and mold growth due to the fact they do not stay constantly wet. Even in tropical environments they are very hard to overwater. You Get the durability of a plastic pot with functionality of a Fabric growbag.

Our bags are also unique in the fact that thy feature a slight tapered design, which greatly reduces stress on the plant when transplanting. Also you know our bags are safe Because we have a UL cert Called Green Guard, which means we exchange 0-PPM with the enviroment. We are also the only company offering Brass grommets for LST.

Our growbags are extremely durable, and come with a lifetime warranty against defects. Our bags are manufactured in the USA by a Certified Disabled Veteran owned Company.

Although we offer a superior product we are very competitively priced. We also offer custom sizes, colors options

We offer a commercial and retail version. The retail version features premium binding available in multiple colors, and nylon webbing handles. Available from 1 gallon – 200 gallon.

Our commercial version is an economical way for large nurseries to take advantage of our Growbags at a reduced cost. Our commercial version uses the same great material. However, to save on costs we have eliminated the handles and substituted the binding for a double rolled hem, which serves the same functionality. Available in qty’s of 10+ All sizes are available.

You can also check out our social media feeds to see what others are growing in RainScience®




Our Bags Increase Yields
Many companies and dispensaries have already made the switch to rain Science and more Joining daily
Including bu not limited to:
Patriot Care
Temescal Wellness
GreenLeaf Compassion Center
Thomas Slater Center
Garden Remedies
Hive Medicinal
Wicked Frosty Farms
Ganja Candy Factory
Collective Elevation

We also Have an Extensive network of small and large retail locations including all HTG Supply Stores
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These bags are Outstanding !