Advanced Nutrients experiences?

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Jun 28, 2014
I use AN with tap water.. I have been told the sensi line has a back door or lock out prevention because of its chemical makeup.. Its a very good nute line..
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Dec 26, 2015
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A mate is running AN in his aeroponics system with water straight out his tap and things seems to be going well. He doesn't bother letting water sit out and bubble as it comes from a big tank within the house so has already been sitting out.

There's been a fair few times I've been handed nugs to sample and been left thinking they were grown with AN as there is a consistency to the way it feels and tastes. Things seem less "samey" with pH swings although whether or not that is a good thing seems to depend on how well one does maintaining the res.


Sep 17, 2015
I been using there sensi grow and bloom for years.keeps everything in perfect range.iv never messed around with ph the feed and a good soil will do it for u.and i use water straight from the tap.hope this helps;)


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Dec 30, 2015
@Rifleman runs AN with tap in DWC buckets and dude pulls weight.
Hell be in sometime just chat him up
G'mornin y'all. I use the AN pH Perfect mgb with tap water. It works great if you let it. In other words mix it and leave it alone. No pH adjustments, and most importantly don't check pH either.

Checking pH only leads to finding the AN does not bring it down to 5.anything. My buckets start the week around 6.1 and rise to mid 7s in a week. Big deal it works.

I am running a side by side test of their additives right now with my dark devils. So far the only additives I am sold on are the voodoo juice and piranha. I see roots into the solution 3 to 4 days earlier when using them. Harvest will tell if the rest is worth it. (Big Bud, Overdrive, Bud Candy, Bud Factor X, Rhino Skin, Sensizym) With about two weeks left until harvest I'm thinking I'll be dropping most of the additives. They do not appear cost effective for my small grows.

Drop by and have a look at my garden, link is in my signature. Happy to answer any questions you may have left. :shooty:
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Jan 15, 2017
I was wondering the same thing. I currently use Canna, and it works pretty good, even with tap on holding pH accordingly. However, it's not the cheapest.

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Feb 16, 2015
I mean, if you are running the AN with tap and letting it get into the 7.0 range without issue, that is something kinda special IMO.

I get lots of issues when I fall out of range. I am totally giving this stuff a try as soon as I can come up with the cash.


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Jan 7, 2011
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Before you decide on a nute line you should first decide if you're going to run a sterile system or organic. Sterile is easier to maintain and what I would recommend to any new hydro grower, even though it requires the use of RO water. The chances of root issues are non existent in a properly maintained sterile system and doesn't require the use of teas as most organics do. If you know your root system is good and you run into issues, it's not something you have to consider when trying to fix the problem.

I'm no fan of AN products. I've used it in several applications with mixed results, some okay, most bad. Trying it in rdwc was a disaster and cost me a lot of money in wasted nutrients. In ProMix I've gotten better results using GH Flora 3 part, which is far less expensive. If you decide to use AN in a sterile environment be sure and check any supplements you might use to make sure they are inorganic. Some of ANs are inorganic, some organic.
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