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AFN Exclusive, Dinafem High CBD Autoflower Test Run, Industrial plant CBD Auto / Haze Auto CBD


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Jan 8, 2015
In my Basement
What's up AFN :toke:.... A-Train coming at you with some exciting news.:woohoo: Since @Dinafem-Mark has joined AFN he has been very impressed with the growing talents of our members. He has already been gracious enough to sponsor a bi-monthly pic comp and now he's pitching in more. The Dinafem threads are getting kicked off great, the effort on your end is much appreciated so keep the pics and journals coming. :thanks::thanks::thanks:

Now on to the news. Dinafem has selected AFN almost exclusively to test run a few of there new high CBD medicinal strains before their release to the consumer market !!!:yay:

Industrial Plant CBD Auto
Haze Auto CBD

The strains listed above will be the beans for the Dinafem grow and show. The powers that be are in the process of selecting an elite crew of growers to showcase these strains as we speak and I have seen the list...... it is littered with some amazing must see growers such as :

@Waximus - @Fairlynew - @Fantasy Island - @Bromeo - @Trapper - @The Elvis - @A-Train - @Weedman30 - @stepside

And these are just the names that have accepted the offer at the moment... there will be more to come and I will add them to the list as time goes on.

If that's not enough to get the motor running I don't know what is.:shrug:

I'll also be updating later with the strain specifics. So hold on to your pants AFN this is gonna be one hell of a show !!!!
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