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Jan 3, 2011
So this is a little breakdown on what ALF [HASHTAG]#5[/HASHTAG] is....

ALF [HASHTAG]#4[/HASHTAG] ((Mossy's Black Dragon) (F3 Black Selection By Me)) x Bubba Kush (DinaFem). The plants that are seen in the thread about the journey to ALF [HASHTAG]#5[/HASHTAG] are the F1 offspring of the above listed cross.

ALF [HASHTAG]#4[/HASHTAG] (Black Dragon) that was used was received at F2, I took the line to F3 and then used a selected male to pollinate the Bubba Kush, which produced the females that were showcased in the thread.

The dragon line that i used was selected for density as well as yield, and of course the hopes of bringing in the black leaf and bud traits that the Dragon offered. The meld was more than i could have asked for as the resultan children showed the desired black leaf trait. The males all had black and purple pollen sacs. The selected male that made the F2 Generation had the darkest pollen sacks of them all.

Father of the F2

Mother 1

Mother 2

Mother 3
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