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Oct 25, 2017
I completely understand, I guess my point is that if we want the canna industry to mature and evolve beyond it's illicit stoner history and become mainstream - its going to have to be consumer driven.

I want to live in a world where housewives and off duty cops feel comfortable lighting up at a cocktail party. In order to get there it's up to all of us to try to reimage the culture a little.

If we don't push from below, we all know that corporations and governments are going to be branding cannabis from above.
To have "normalisation", you have to make sure than branding and logos are mainstream and acceptable, otherwise you do not "normalise" anything and only continue to perpetuate the underground and illegal side of things when the reality is that people here, including myself, are active in trying to change attitudes so marijuana comes out of the hands of organised criminal gangs and into the mainstream. You start saying things must be censored then you achieve nothing.

Now, nobody is saying that a box with some seeds or a packaging bag with ferts should be covered with logos, and in this case it wasn't in the slightest, but when I order ANYTHING I expect a delivery note that states clearly what the product is AND promotional material unless I state otherwise, same as if I order a pizza I get their latest "menu" with vouchers whether I want it or not. That's the nature of the beast, and trying to hide such things when, literally, a few seconds looking up what the delivery note says IF a package gets opened will tell douane, etc, everything they need to know anyway. That's why I say the paranoia in this case is unwarranted, for if the authorities wanted to know what the packet contained and it's advertised use they wouldn't need a bit of bloody paper with a leaf on it to figure it out.

And, of course, ordering any "plant food" from half way around the world when all kinds of "plant food" is available in your own country is arguably the biggest thing that would arouse suspicion in the first case so if anyone is so paranoid over a piece of paper in a sealed package then their best bet is to stop growing for their own paranoia will raise enough suspicions in the first case. After all, it's one thing being careful with "Don't tell anyone", it's another when you're looking over your shoulder all the time.

I'm lucky, I live in a land where, although growing is illegal, unless you're being stupid and growing a plantation nobody will give one jot about your use provided you are not interfering with their lives. But if you want things normalised, so cannabis is as acceptable as alcohol mostly is, you don't "hide" things, you don't "censor" things, you make sure that the authorities realise the scale of how many people are growing their own for personal consumption as only then will they realise that the alleged dangers are nowhere near like what they like to say (as has been seen by various reports recently telling governments that attitudes to drugs, and especially marijuana, MUST change as current policies do no work).

To "push from below", you have to be open and vocal. Demanding that everything is in plain packaging with no names or logos does not do that. To be able to change attitudes you don't hide things, you be open about them, otherwise your arguments "for" get destroyed by one simple question called "Why hide it then".

Common sense has to prevail on BOTH sides of the argument, and the calls for absolutely nothing INSIDE a sealed package are as close to common sense as Bill Clinton was to celibacy whilst POTUS.


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Nov 22, 2015
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Wow, what an intense topic but it still comes down to the onus being on the grower. I always thought one of the golden rules of growing is to NEVER ship anything to your grow. I have followed this rule religiously for years now and it has served my paranoia well. I certainly would not blow up at the manufacturer and call then unprofessional as the OP has.