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Sep 4, 2015
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I will finish it tomorrow. For now i will tag all ppl that come in my mind, dont hate me if i miss someone. also tag everyone that comes in ur mind and who could take advantage of this!

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Woot woot, thats a heck of a writeup!!! Thanks for the info.. And a major rep slap for that!!!


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Mar 3, 2017
wow! quite the read, I'll have to come back to this, a few times! Having built my soil from silt and compost there is a lot here I'm familiar with, but mostly overwhelmed by how much info is here
did u ever heard of something called "lasagne technique" ? It is also called "Lasagne Gardening" , "No Dig Garden technique" or "Lazy-Bed". Sometimes it is combined with "Hugelkultur".
It is 100% organic if you take the right materials and is a very cheap and creative way to get nice and rich organic soil.
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