archie grows something under a Telos 0006 1.1i

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St. Tom

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Oct 6, 2016
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dinafem cookies
erm ohh crap last friday hecno :coffee2:
day 83 for the pair
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dinafem blue cheese 6L
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mephisto creme tasmo 3L
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tidy up after a few days
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dinafem blue cheese 6L tidy up
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mephisto creme tasmo 3L tidy up
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Archie marvelous job that blue cheese is a superb smoke gotta be in my top 5 also I only found your thread by looking for @Duggy s so tag me now and again so I can find ya

Zamnesia Battle

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Feb 23, 2014
cheers Tom :pass:yep blue cheese is super pleasant on the eyes,nose and throat :pass:that an DP abbk is the only non mephisto in my top 10 :smokeit:
i kinda forgot about this for 3 weeks,and then again for another 3 weeks so plants are chopped and jarred.i came up with a new method of trimming that took me all of 10 mins.and because of that there wasnt much point of doing a weigh in on either plants.not had a cheeky sample yet.
on further a stoner not a grower so giving up on journals :smokeit:
good luck n keep er lit