Auto Indicas - Cancer/Insomnia

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Mar 17, 2017
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I wanted to get various opinions from AFN members - what is the strongest indica auto you guys have worked with?

Like stated in my intro, this entire project will be for my dad, to help him sleep at night & to relieve pain for his symptoms.

I'll be running 3 Bears OG, Skywalker & Sourstomper from Mephisto - with the 3 Bears selected as [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] & still undecided on [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] for the first grow.

That being said, I know there is excellent work being done by sweet seeds & dutch passion, mdanzig etc. - any suggestions whatsoever would be helpful.

Thanks again lovely AFN crew!

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Sep 17, 2013
cancer and Insomnia eh? well I personally would be looking at about 4-6 strains. first would be gotten from Stone and NW,if Stickman wasnt all fuckered up himself Id say his genetics too would be ideal. but then a sati Photo for well being and mind pleasure not sleepy. so its a balancing effect. so imho atleast three would be needed. Blackstone/stone dragon Regs or fems,sour D'mango regs, a nice sati photo, rainbow moonstone is nice. all ambered up well except the sati photo. even then some amber but typically not more than 10-15% or so. but the Indies should be more of a harder hitting 30+% Amber or better. upwards of 50%. imho, thats similar to what Id get. you have many types of meds needed for a battle like that. pain and sleep. there are several seeds that would be good. Black dragons, sour hound or crack are good. heisenburg too is nice ambered up.3 bears and skywalker is good too. 3 bears totally amber that up by 30% or so thatll be your goal imho. hope all works out well for you and your dad bro :) happy harvesting man :D

also sour hound,toofless alien from mephisto.Tyrone special or stomper is good for an Indie strain too. cush n chem as well.
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Jul 5, 2017
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The auto Night queen from Dutch passion I’m guessing would be a help.
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