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Mar 24, 2017
Hey Guy's/Gal's Here is Update on my Auto Kush @Day 98, she has really come along way.. The Buds are tightening up very nicely! The Buds are very dense & very Big, The Main on this Girl is Massive , larger then a 2liter soda bottle...I think this girl should be ready over the weekend sometime Probably on Sunday...Here are some shot's of her from today, Enjoy!:d5::drool::woohoo:[emoji106]:smokeout::dancer:

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Now thats what im talking about ........get in [emoji271][emoji123][emoji123][emoji123][emoji268][emoji111]

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Jan 16, 2016
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Hey Guy's I wanted give little update about this Kush, I had put the last 2oz left on plant through a barrage of test's ...I sprayed with water(simulate rain) Had high humidity(51%-60%+) ...I find this strain to be very resilient to mold, from the tests I put this through for 2 straight weeks..So I feel this strain would do well in slightly damper areas...None of this is fool proof through, of course I probably didn't push as hard as nature would but I have noticed a high resistance to mold from what I have tried. I think this really is a Dynamite strain, I'll be completely honest and say never once I have ever smoked on a plant straight from the dry cabinet that smelled & tasted so good even without any cure at all,except this!!! This shit is FIRE, even when my friend calls he'll ask can I get some of that Fire Kush, even he is loving it without a cure...It is curing now, I finally took remaining 2oz I was putting through a battery of tests and seemed to Pass with Flying colors! I hope this helps with anyone wondering about her resistance to mold/humidity.:d5::pass: @Dudeski @gennaro-fs @912GreenSkell @Ash-a-Ton @archie gemmill @The Elvis @sanguine

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