• The Holiday Recipe winner is Lilly_of_the_Zoo.

  • The Holiday Recipe 2nd place winner is the green bandit.

  • The Holiday Recipe 3rd place winner is Bigg Al.


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This Battle will be fought in the Biggest Grow Battle in the World 2019 thread.
All members will be Tagged in when it is Opened. Early Jan

Must have germ pic on or before official start date Feb. 1st with your germ process (soak, paper towel, rooter plug, direct planted, etc) with username, date, and the code Round 1 1/9 written on something in the pic.

Weekly Update Pic Schedule
Week 1 updates February 1st - 7th (Germ for those that didn't start early and Week 1)
Week 2 updates February 8th - 14th
Week 3 updates February 15th - 21st
Week 4 updates February 22nd - 28th
Plant Choice March 1st -2nd
Week 5 updates March 1st - 7th
Week 6 updates March 8th - 14th
Week 7 updates March 15th - 21st
Week 8 updates March 22nd - 28th
Week 9 updates March 29th - April 4th
Week 10 updates April 5th - 11th
Week 11 updates April 12th - 18th
Week 12 updates April 19th - 25th
Final Pics Due April 26th - May 1st

Autoseed Grower of the Year 2019 Battle first leg starts 1st Feb 2019

Team Leader @Need4Weed

@Dabber..Already Seeded

1 Priority Place held for autoseed picked volunteer.


@Rev. Green Genes
@Vlad The Inhaler

Anyone with Auto Seeds is Welcome to join the Team..just leave your name here....
@E Grower
@Hypathetical Gardener
@Kya Knight

@bushmasterar15 -GPS,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,Wk10,FP,Wk12,FPS
@CTb1 dropping soon - GPS,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,failed2update
@Dabber - GPS,Wk1re-drop
@Frogster -GPS,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,Wk10,Wk11,Wk,12,FPS
@Hypathetical Gardener -GPS,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,dropped
@IzzyTheGrower re-drop,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,Wk10,Wk11,FPS
@jb_moviefan - GPS,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,Wk10,Wk11,FPS
@Kya Knight - GPS,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,FP,Wk9,Wk10
@MissUniverse GPS,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,dropped
@Need4Weed GPS, re-drop,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,Wk10,Wk11,FPS
@Qbgrower - GPS,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,Wk10,Wk11,Wk12,FPS
@Rev. Green Genes- GPS,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,Wk10,Wk11
@SOOTDAWG -GPS - re-drop,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,Wk10,Wk11,Wk12,FPS
@Tyler_Durden88 -GPS, Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,Wk4,Wk5,Wk6,Wk7,Wk8,Wk9,Wk10,Wki11,Wk12,FPS
@Vlad The Inhaler - GPS - re-drop,Wk1,Wk2,Wk3,dropped
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