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 Auto,soil,light and nutrients a little information

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Chubi, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Chubi

    Chubi Auto Warrior

    Mar 7, 2019
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    Hello i want to ask you about Auto Ultimate and Auto Daiquiri lime.Will they thrive in a 60-70 % humidity in flower because it's almost all year like that.I was told to use Plagron Light Mix as the best with low NPK and good for seedlings or can you tell me about another good soil or maybe i can make mine some opinion from you guys.About the light for babies i think of using flourescent light what to get is there a special light or i can use a standart office panel what wattage should be 1 tube or all in wattages i think of 2 weeks lamp and potting them in soil.How much hole will i need in soil maybe 20liters for 1 plant?

    I want to ask aswell about the best nutrients.I'm thinking of using Plagron power root with Plagron Enzymes maybe Terra grow for vegetative or a GHE booster or Foxfarm.For blooming Advanced - Bud ignitor Big Bud and Overdrive.Can you give me your opinion of whats best to use?Thanks


    About this thread can i use the The "Instatransplant DIY pot" techinuqe with a beer cups of 0.5 L then potting them in soil how this guy show or the beer cup to go in a pot and then into soil.I want to minimize the transplant stress or to have no stress at all .Thank you !! Sorry for stupid questions but i see you guys all here have really good knowledge if u can share it with me :).

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