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Indoor Grow autobeast, how to grow a perfect healthy auto. start to finish


Auto Warrior
Jun 18, 2020
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good day growers. so this new thread i will explain exactly what i do to grow a perfect healthy auto. and show that less is always best. alot of growers ask how i achive great healthy plants. so i will share with u all. to start off il just be stating what to use and when. and as time goes on pics of plants i grow and info will continue to be posted. as always all questions always welcome, always happy to help, so here we go,

the most important thing of ur grow is ur medium. this is were ur plant spends all of its life. so always do ur research. i use biobizz lightmix. absolutley amazing stuff, designed to and does keeps itself in perfect ph range. and is designed to work best with ph perfect feed. combine the 2 and magic will happen. true;) View attachment 950820 so if u got ur biobizz lightmix ur good to go.
next u want to buy some decent fabric pots, great for a fast growing plant. great drainage and airiation to ur roots. 3 and 5 gal fabric pot will grow u a big auto;) View attachment 950823 so u fill ur fabric pot up with biobizz lightmix. then i soak the mediun of each pot with 2., 1.5 litre bottles of water, containing 2ml of dutch pro take root and 2ml dutch pro mutli total in each bottle. so in total each pot gets soaked 3 litres;) View attachment 950825 View attachment 950826 then drop in your bean as best suits u then into the tent, and wait for its head to pop above ground;)

all my plants get now is plain tap water when needed for the first 3 weeks of life. the soil does everything for you. in 3 weeks ul have a beautiful healthy plant for sure.
so my feed i use is ph perfect. advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom, sensi calmag. and mollases for late bloom;) View attachment 950827 so at 3 weeks of age my girls get there first feed of veg. 2ml of a and b sensi grow to 1.5litre of water. each plant gets its own bottle every feed time. il now feed each plant twice a week every 3 days.
and every week i bump the mls up 1 ml per week until im at 5ml of a and b.
also always plain water inbetween feeds very important for key health of ur ladies. il feed with veg until i see stretch has stopped so only about 2 weeks of veg feed then onto bloom.

when i start with bloom feed sensi bloom. straight in at 5ml of a and b. i also start with sensi calmag at 1.5ml per bottle. mix it into the feed. again feed every 3 days twice a week always plain water between feeds. keep doing this and the job is done. when u got full flowers maybe 3 week before harvest. add a few dripples of mollases here and there into the bottles of feed makes buds super frosty, works a treat.
here some pics of my current auto grow. to show how my combinations and methods grow a perfect healthy auto everytime. and prove less is always best;) the 3 small plants at the front all still on plain water;) View attachment 950830 View attachment 950831 View attachment 950832 well thats all for now growers. all questions welcome as always;)
happy growing every1 :pass::pass::salute:
Hi autobeast I am going to try and follow your guide as your plants are always great was wondering if you mix your biobizz with perlite or just as it is thanks