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Cannabis Seeds

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Mar 29, 2018
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Do they ship to the states? US
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At the Portal strains come and go fast, it is not a large outfit, like the big produces. It is a boutique seed producer of some serious medical grade cannabis.
I usually post any Portal seed sales in so it is a good idea to be subbed to that thread and then you will get Alerts.
In a recent sale which i posted here at AFN there were some heavy hitters buying large quantities of stock, which is partly the reason why stocks are low!
Be rest assured there are seeds in production but they sell fast so best to check regularly. As the popularity of Portal strains keeps rising stocks are getting snapped up faster all the time.
I will post here when there is new stock, currently there are some new strains being tested, which look very promising indeed, so expect those to reach the shelves sometime in the future!